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Sally and Mark’s stunning pastel wedding held at Osmaston Park. Wonderfully simple yet compliments the grand venue perfectly.

Over to the newly Mrs Sally Dodes..

“I think in organising a wedding the admin side of things is a scary and time consuming affair… where do you start? You mention on Facebook that you’re engaged and you receive a barrage of advertisements advising to do things this way or that, come and visit us here, or try this or try that… its mind boggling! I think the key for us was to be prepared and be organised because time will go fast and before you know it the wedding is here. We started at the beginning of the year in order for it to be as stress free as possible (9 months planning). It was, but it still consumed a lot of the time.


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Not having been married before, nor being the type of girl that had dreams of the perfect wedding dress since age six ,I had no idea where to start, all I did know was that I wanted lace and sleeves. So as you can imagine the hunt was on for the perfect dress but with as little a brief as possible. I visited three shops and hoped the foresight of the dress fitter would see what I had in mind, although I didn’t know myself….(the challenge was on). The third and final shop came to the rescue. She had read my mind and picked the most fantastic dress ever, it was perfect in every aspect, although it didn’t have the sleeves but it didn’t need it. It was love at first sight (the same feeling I got when I met my gorgeous husband, although the dress was a little better…). My mother cried, the bridesmaids cried, my mother-in-law cried, I cried…..How can you say no to a dress that evokes that much emotion in people, even when they aren’t wearing it? The detail was perfect, the intricate lace weaving, the delicate buttons and the cut out on the back. Lori G Bridal Studio in Allestree, who came as highly recommended as they were amazing! This was a dream come true.


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The car we found at the wedding fare at Osmaston from a company called A&C Vintage Cars, a “Badsworth Landaulette” it was a beauty, but on reflection we might not have spent the money on a car, just because in our mind it was lost in comparison to the venue.


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The flowers were superb and again I never had a doubt in my mind. They were from Flowers by Joy in the Market Hall, Derby.. and they fit the bill perfectly and at such a great price…


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We got married at possibly the most fantastic venue in Derbyshire, well, in our minds it was, Osmaston Park. What a venue, what a view and the most perfect place to get married! It has a feel of the Scottish highlands in the scenery, mixed with a spoonful of the vast dense forests of Yellowstone National Park.


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With a setting overlooking a beautiful lake what more can you ask for? This is the sort of venue that come rain or shine you can’t help but have a smile on your face and thank your lucky stars your memories start and finish overlooking the most wonderful setting. Need I say more? I think once we had seen the stunning marquee, the view and the welcoming and professionalism of Top Marques, all other options went right out of the window…

The Style was always going to be a tricky part of the wedding procedure, but luckily my husband and I have very similar tastes and views on things (long may it continue). The most important factor to us was for our friends and family to have fun and enjoy themselves.


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We didn’t want our wedding to be stuffy nor did we want it to be to over thought, it was a special day for us but equally the same for everyone invited. We wanted everyone to feel at home, the sort of wedding you can kick your shoes off and just relax like it’s your own party in your own house and to be honest we think it worked very well indeed. The fact that people are still telling us it was the best wedding they’d been to speaks volumes.


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So far as style and decor was concerned we went for pastel colours, a slight vintage, country garden theme. But what we didn’t want to do was spoil or take away from the majesty of the setting. In our minds that was the decor and that was the style. We basically let the scenery talk. And with a transparent sided marquee that overlooked the view why bother with decorations…


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The stationary was done by a lovely lady that we found by word of mouth, the company was called Two Hearts. She was amazing, the passion she had for this side of the wedding was phenomenal, the care and attention was flawless. I would highly recommend her. Like some people, we had no idea what we wanted. We all discussed a loose brief and gave her the reigns to create and she did just that. The invitations were perfect and the seating plan was so novel we couldn’t have asked for more.


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The caterers were a no-brainer. We had been advised by so many people that the only people for the job were Red Olive and my god they certainly proved all their worth! Right from the word go they were amazing. The attention to detail was flawless, the food was divine and the staff were amazing. They made the day run so unbelievably smoothly. We had 100% confidence in them and they went above and beyond their duties… I really can’t praise them enough. Derbyshire’s number one caterers in our eyes.


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The photography (Red Square) for our wedding was done by the most friendly, welcoming, caring and professional company we had the pleasure of dealing with. Right from the word go we were made to feel important (this was the first meeting) and it went from strength to strength. Not being the sort of people that enjoy having our photo taken we were a little apprehensive about having our engagement shoot done. Well we could not have been more wrong after the first five minutes we were right in the swing of things.


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There was something about Becki at Red Square Photography that made us both feel at ease and enjoy the moment, we basically couldn’t stop laughing…it was a lot of fun!
On the day Becki was always in the right place at the right time getting the all important shots. I guess the sign of an excellent photographer is being there but not being seen, a true professional. The most important aspect of having our photos taken was to enjoy ourselves and have fun and all these emotions came through on the final pictures. They did such a great job. They were amazing. I can’t fault anything about Red Square Photography. I highly recommend them to anyone.


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I think the only bit of advice for future brides and husbands-to-be is plan in advance, it’s better to have time on your side. Be relaxed and just go with the flow. Unexpected problems will arise, but with time on your hands solutions can be found. Try your hardest to enjoy the process. If it’s getting on top of you take a break for a week or so, step back and enjoy. Hopefully this will be the one and only time you get to do this, so make the most of it. Most importantly don’t forget to have fun!”

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