Atmospheric and unique cove wedding at Lusty Glaze

Couples like to make their day unique and special to them and you couldn't get more special than trying the knot in a secluded cove off a beautiful beach on the outskirts of Newquay. Hannah and Ben from HBA Photography pride themselves in capturing creative, dramatic and emotive images and for this coastal wedding, they certainly did just that. Enjoy these moody but relaxed and genuine images capturing the sheer joy of the day as we will hand over to Hannah and Ben to tell us more....


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Lisa and Lewis

When met these two awesome humans a while ago when they first started planning their wedding. We totally fell in love with them. They’re so warm and friendly and you instantly feel like you’re hanging out with mates. As they talked about the day, their wedding sounded really cool and we knew we had to be there to photograph it! Thankfully they also agreed that that wanted us there… So that was it.  A year later we packed our bags and headed on the road to hang out with these guys again. We couldn’t wait!!

Scoping the wedding venue

So we drove down to Cornwall the day before and went straight to Lusty Glaze to have a look around. We parked at the top of the cliff and headed down the 133 steps (!!!) to the privately-owned cove. At the bottom, there is a lovely little restaurant with cute beach huts and the most amazing beach!

The weather on this day was crazy – so unbelievably windy, but we headed onto the sand anyway to have a nosey around the caves and rock pools. We spotted a little pool of water that was reflecting the blue sky, nestled in the rocks. As soon as we saw that, we knew our bride and groom were going to look EPIC there. Turns out our photographer instincts were right and Lisa and Lewis totally nailed that location on their wedding day.

Photos on the wedding day

When we woke up, it was still raining but the forecast was better. So, we had everything crossed, little did we know that it would turn out to be the perfect day for a wedding on the beach!!  Honestly, who gets gorgeous sunshine at the end of October for a day at the beach! Amazing. After the ceremony, we were able to get out onto the sand with all the wedding guests, for confetti, drinks & canapés in the sunshine – so lucky for an Autumnal coastal wedding!!


What a day!

Just making the most of cool photo locations, sun flares of light poping over the hills as we photographed on a wide-open aperture for beautiful depth and softness, capturing all the joy and happiness that followed Lisa and Lewis round.

The day was filled with sunshine, love, laughs, Jagermeister, great food, glitter, good music and a bit more Jagermeister!!! We LOVED it!!


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