An Art-Inspired Celebration at Breedon Hall…

Katie and Ben's beautiful big day at Breedon Hall in Derby was just full of romance. From their gorgeous blooms to their stunning vows, this wedding was the epitome of love and happiness. Plus, the images captured by Georgina Harrison Photography are just gorgeous! So, get stuck into the gallery and be inspired for your very own special day…


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Breedon Hall
Derby, UK
Heart Aflutter Bridal
Swallows and Damsons
Melody Cakes
Georgina Harrison


“We got married at Breedon Hall in Derby. We only had 30 guests and my family and many of our friends were coming from overseas. We wanted somewhere we could stay together for the weekend, that wouldn’t feel like a venue, but like a home. Breedon Hall was the perfect fit. We hired Elizabeth Gopal at East Made Event Company to help plan our wedding day.

My degree is in Art History, so my wedding was always going to be inspired by art. Aesthetically, I channeled Pre-Raphaelite painting, particularly Arthur Hugh’s Ophelia and Rossetti’s Lady Lilith, with their softly flowing fabric, candles, wild climbing greenery and lush flowers in saturated, moody colours. I love the restrained sumptuousness and unabashed idealism of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood. It’s so English, so romanticised and the paintings simply glow when you see them in person, I wanted all of that to come through visually on the day.”


“My Truvelle dress was from Heart Aflutter Bridal in London. By the time I went shopping, I was honestly dead-set on a non-traditional dress. I flew to London to go dress shopping and my wonderful best friend had set up several appointments at bridal salons, but I wasn’t sure. I’m a size 16-18 and I had really been made to feel like wedding dresses weren’t made for me. As soon as I put the dress on, we all knew it was the one. I felt like a queen, the fabric’s folds danced with every movement and it reminded me of the draping on classical Greek statues.

I chose the dress because I felt beautiful in it and since it has a corset top and flowing bottom I didn’t have to worry about being sewn into the dress. I had been feeling pressure to lose weight because it’s so common, people just assume you want to “trim up for the wedding” and I was determined not to. Not only did I feel gorgeous, it let me stick to my principles and fight the societal pressure to change myself for a dress. That was so important.

I wore a wax orange blossom crown that was attached to my late grandmother’s veil. The crown looks like it was probably from the 20’s so we think it was also my great-grandmother’s. I removed the veil and hand wrapped the crown in ribbon so I could wear it.

For my perfume, I wore Diptyque Do Son. I chose it because it smells like gardenias and tuberoses – my mother’s favourite flowers. She had a bouquet of gardenias when she got married and when I smell white flowers I think of her.

I wore diamond and pearl drop earrings that I borrowed from my mother at the last minute, and a ring my mum in law lent me that belonged to her beloved mother, whom she lost many years ago. “


“We wrote our vows to each other, we wanted to be sure we were making the same basic promises to each other so we took the widely used protestant vows (richer and poorer, sickness and health, ect.) as a framework to guide us. Ben included a description he had written of our love just a handful of weeks after we met, I knew it was coming but it was the most magical moment to share this glimpse of just how much we knew even then. Even the registrar was speechless, we’ve weathered some real challenges together we were vulnerable and honest and I think that made our vows powerful.

Ben’s mum read an excerpt from the “Velveteen Rabbit” both our mothers read to us often when we were kids and so it seemed fitting we’d read from a children’s book that holds a special place in our hearts. My mother read an excerpt from Corelli’s Mandolin that sums up our hopes for our marriage.

We chose Georgina Harrison as our photographer, who is such a delight to work with. We ended up hiking up a trail to the top of this hill to get photos and the whole time, she was just so excited and effusive about her work. Honestly, being around someone who takes their art so seriously and loves it so much is the best and that passion came through in the photos.”


“I didn’t expect it to be such an incredible experience but it blew me away. Getting ready with my best friends, sisters and mums with a 2013 single vineyard Riesling, seeing Ben’s face standing in the early autumn rain when we had our first look, reading our vows, seeing my sister tear up out of the corner of my eye, every moment Ben and I looked at each other and just reveled in the awesomeness of being married to one another, the triumphant joy as we emerged to see our guests, grabbing a sword and sabering a bottle of bubbly, climbing country trails holding Ben’s hand, crying at the speeches and dancing until the DJ had to leave.

Every single second was a universe unto itself and they were all perfect.

I wouldn’t have been so worried and stressed out about every detail. I didn’t trust my gut and it caused so much more anxiety than was necessary. I adopted a “screw it! It’ll be fine!” mentality right before the wedding and I could have used that 9 months earlier.”


“Our first dance was ‘They Bring Me to You’ by Joshua Radin. When we first met, we both kept blogs and of course I would scour Ben’s to learn more about this incredible human I was falling for. One day, he posted the song simply saying

“This song gives me a feeling I struggle to put into words”

I pressed play, my heart stopped, time stopped. I listened to it on repeat those first months, we would stay up at his apartment singing it together as he played guitar. It’s so much more than our song, it holds all of the infinite love and wonder of meeting my soulmate.”


“Do what feels right, only if it feels right. I promise that the things you think matter when you are planning aren’t what matter on your wedding day. Also, if you are struggling emotionally and mentally with the process and you think “But this is supposed to feel good”,  know that it’s normal not to love it all, it’s normal to struggle with the stress and the pressure. I definitely did and I know so many women who have. There’s no wrong way to feel, and I promise that if you fill your day with the people and the values that mean the most to you, you can’t go wrong.”


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