An Idyllic Spring Day at the Walled Garden

“We got married on 31st May 2019. It was just after Paul’s 30th birthday and we hoped the weather would be perfect (which it was!).

The Walled Garden was the most beautiful venue we looked at by far. We wanted a relaxed day, we wanted everyone to be really chilled and the Walled Garden definitely catered for that. Lots of gorgeous areas without it being too spaced out. They were really accepting of different ideas too whereas a lot of venues were very stuck in their ways. An outdoor wedding was a dream for me and they managed to make it a reality.

Our style was a mix up of romantic, modern and casual. A lot of what we did we purchased or was made by me or family members. We wanted it to be a really personal day with our touch on everything. A family friend made our gorgeous table plan and my friend’s uncle made our doughnut wall which was the star of the evening!! My mum was amazing through it all and sorted all our greenery that we had in the ceiling of the marquee and around the pagoda in the garden, it looked really beautiful. We were so happy to have the help from everyone couldn’t have done it without them!

My best memory was just as the evening guests were arriving, the sun was shining, everyone had their sunnies on and a glass in hand. We had blankets on the grass so people were chilling listening to our amazing singer Jaque Seviour doing his thing. I remember looking around with Paul taking it all in and thinking, this is a moment of perfection!!

My advice to future brides and grooms would be to not get sucked into all the madness of weddings! Figure out what it is you’re wanting, style wise and budget and try not to sway too far away from it. Don’t stress over little things, people won’t even notice the things you forgot or didn’t go exactly to plan. And finally, take moments throughout the day to just step back and take it all in, everyone says it but it really does completely fly by!

A little tip … have a savoury snack table, ours went down a treat!!”


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The Walled Garden
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