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Alison & Jack

Alison and Jack’s wedding was timeless and classic. Their styling was simple but stunning and their ceremony felt homely and intimate at the wonderful Hodsock Priory.

Over to Alison to tell you all about her big day…

“Jack and I got married at Hodsock Priory in Blyth, Nottinghamshire. It sounds like a cliché, but you just know when somewhere is ‘right’. Unlike some other venues we had visited it was homely and beautifully decorated. George who owns and runs Hodsock was fantastic, we couldn’t have asked for anyone more helpful! We could also chose our own caterer, band, wine, etc… it could be completely personal which was a big part of the decision to go with Hodsock.


When planning our wedding, people would often ask what our ‘theme’ was, but I’ve always struggled to answer that. I know we wanted it to be stylish and timeless. Nothing too trendy that we would grow tired of, especially when you are planning so far in advance.

There were personal touches – miniature bottles of my perfume on the tables for the ladies, old photos of our grandparents on their wedding days, and we tied tartan ribbon around bay trees and tubs of lavender as a subtle nod to my Scottish roots.

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When it came to choosing my wedding dress, I was open minded when it came to what kind of style it would be. I think that’s the best way to do it, try anything on as you might surprise yourself!  I had always worked in fashion, so I know what I like when it comes to clothes, which helped when I was deciding which dress to pick.

I found dress shops over bearing, with rows and rows of very similar dresses. I love a good dance so I didn’t want to feel restricted in a heavy or tight dress. I also found a lot of dresses either drowned my tiny 5ft frame, or aged me beyond my years. My mum was my saviour, always searching for new shops for us to visit, and eventually we found a boutique in Stamford with a small, well selected range where I found ‘the one’. I just felt like me in it. I spent a lot of time spinning around in it!

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A lot of the suppliers we chose were recommendations from the venue, or friends. Our stationary was done by a graphic designer friend, who worked really hard to design every element from invites, to little stickers to hold cake bags shut! The cake designer was then a recommendation from her, he initially thought I was mad when I wanted a grey cake! I still can’t get over how beautiful the cake turned out!

My advice would be to try everything and check everything so you know you won’t be let down on the day. If you can, ask to get into your venue the day before and set up as much as you can yourself so that it’s done the way you imagined. Share the workload! Our friends and parents were a fantastic help and it couldn’t have been done without them.”

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