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Lindsey is the proud owner of Smiggle Kitchen. Her cakes are beyond fabulous and create a real talking point at a wedding.

"My aim is to make each and every one of my cakes as inviting as possible. I want the guests at a wedding to leave with a great big slab of deliciousness, not your average inch square piece of dried up cake. I use 98 eggs to create some of my bigger cakes and have a real passion for what I do which I feel shows in my cake creations!"

There's a naked cake and then there's your naked cake

“One of my brides recently said there’s a naked cake and then there’s your naked cake. That pretty much sums my cakes up really. I’ve taken the naked cake concept but rather than being stripped back and bare, it’s a spectacle. My cakes are around 18” wide and between 1.5ft and 2ft tall. I use all local produce and focus heavily on flavours – there’ s no point in the cake looking amazing if it doesn’t taste amazing too so I take a lot of time perfecting the taste. I like to think my cakes wouldn’t look out of place on the table at Downtown Abbey.

I’ve not seen anyone do what I do. The size of my cakes makes me stand out, the amount of ingredients and fruits that I use plus I like to use flowers from the bride’s bouquet to give the cake that extra special touch.

Following a terrible family tragedy, I see cakes as a way of coping and having something lovely and wonderful to focus my energy into. I am the eldest of 37 cousins so I feel like I’ve spent my entire life either baking or cooking for people so it’s just something I love to do!”



Issue 38: Step Into Spring


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