Elder & Wild is a cut flower garden based in Nottingham. We grow and arrange beautiful British flowers for any occasion in our wild and rambling style.

Elder & Wild started life as a small garden terrace and a vision for something more. The delight of growing stunning natural blooms for our home, with no air miles and no chemicals attached was a joy we wanted to share. From the garden terrace we moved to a modest plot that inspired our name, overgrown as it was with brambles and elderberry bushes. We now have an established cutting garden and are able to bring beautiful, natural floristry to your wedding or event using flowers grown with love, right here in Nottingham.

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Image 1 (Feature Image) by Pear & Bear Photography / Image 2  by Pear & Bear Photography / Image 3 by Pear & Bear Photography / Image 4 by Pear & Bear Photography / Image 5 by Elder & Wild / Image 6 by Pear & Bear Photography  / Image 7 by Elder & Wild / Image 8 by Grace Elizabeth Photography / Image 9 by Light of the Wild Photography / Image 10 by Light of the Wild Photography / Image 11 by M&J Photography / Image 12 by M&J Photography / Image 13 by Lee Garland Photography / Image 14 by M&J Photography / Image 15 by M&J Photography / Image 16 by Lee Garland Photography / Image 17 by Elder & Wild / Image 18 by Grace Elizabeth Photography / Image 19 by Elder & Wild / Image 20 by Luke Holroyd Photography / Image 21 by Pear & Bear Photography / Image 22 by Lee Garland Photography / Image 23 by Elder & Wild / Image 24 by Imogen Xiana Photography


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