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Darren Cresswell has worked with us for many years. Here he is to tell us a little bit about his photography style;

"I make sure what I capture is the reality of your ‘once in a lifetime’ experience - real people, real reactions, real emotion.

Like the best weddings, my approach to capturing your special day is classic and understated. I don’t like to direct or control the proceedings too much – I much prefer to work in a more natural, unfussy, way."

Real people, real reactions, real emotion.

“My way of shooting not only produces images that will evoke a strong emotional response from the viewer; it also produces images with a limitless shelf-life. Think about it, gimmick laden pictures quickly look dated, whereas a classic image will still be a classic image in ten, fifty, a hundred years time.

Storytelling, composition and light & shade – it’s my attention to detail that produces photographs as evocative as these.”

New Issue Out Now! You're going to fall for the Autumn Edition…


Issue 40: Let Your Adventure Begin

New Issue Out Now! You're going to fall for the Autumn Edition…

Darren Cresswell Photography


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