"A World of Pure Imagination"

We love it when we receive creative and quirky photoshoots that push boundaries and are a little daring with the styling. This colourful, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ inspired shoot was held at the newly opened Pumping House in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire and provided a great backdrop for the chocolate factory and for the vision of Amy L Wilkinson, who was not only the make up artist but who also coordinated the shoot. Here’s Amy to tell you a little more….

The theme was Charlie and the chocolate factory

A slightly more unusual or maybe even unheard of wedding theme but that is also exactly the point. I used this theme to highlight up and coming trends such as the donought cake and to also highlight the amazing (relatively new brand ) House of Ollichon. I wanted to inspire brides to be brave, to move away from the ‘cookie cutter bride’ and to embrace who they are and leave all their guests remembering their wedding for a long time because of the unique elements.

We chose a few key colours as a subtle representation of Willy Wonka’s world and sweets. It was key to stick with 2-4 colours so it didn’t cross over to the rainbow and then over power the theme and room.  Subtle references were made throughout with the stationery, the brides bespoke head pieces made to look like sweets using Swarovski crystals and natural makeup with a touch of colour to give a youthful look.


My main inspiration for this shoot was to show brides (and grooms) you can pull inspiration from even the most unlikely of places. If your favourite book or film isn’t a typical wedding theme or even a romantic story you can still bring aspects into your wedding day. I think it’s important for your day to reflect you and your partner no matter how usual it may initially seem.”

To see more of this fabulous shoot, the day was captured on film by the talented Jason Lynch Click here to watch!


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