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Where in the World are you Sitting? ~ Table Plan Inspiration


Issue 49: When It Was Just You


Where in the World are you Sitting? ~ Table Plan Inspiration

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You’ve been agonizing over where all your guests should sit at your wedding reception for the past few weeks. You can’t put Auntie Sheila next to Cousin Rob in case they start a food fight and your Mothers’ will have to sit at opposite ends of the head table due to their red and pink hats clashing… but you’ve finally cracked it! Now all you need to do is come up with a beautiful way to display your table plans. Fear not! We have come up with some fabulous inspiration to help you design the perfect table plans.

It’s a theme lovers’ dream…

A great starting point with any aspect of planning your wedding is deciding on a theme, style or colour scheme and using that as the basis for your whole wedding tick list. For example you have a travel themed wedding and so your centre pieces are little suitcases and globes, your wedding stationary is printed on old maps – why not have a travel themed table plan too!

If you have employed a wedding stylist they will be able to help you incorporate your theme into everything making sure it is seamless and beautiful. Wedding Stylists have lots of creativity and will be able to take your ideas and make something magical.

Be Pin-spired!

If you’re not particularly creative and need some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, the best place to look is Pinterest. Pinterest is the number one social media for wedding planning. It has thousands and thousands of images pinned everyday all about weddings. You could create your own pin boards with all your ideas on it. This helps you to visualise your big day exactly how you want it. Save the Date Magazine has a Pinterest brimming with inspiration from our magazine and blogs.

Along with Pinterest there are many wedding blogs on the internet, filled with the latest trend setting ideas.

Bored with Boards?

When most people think of table plans they imagine a plain board propped up on a stand with lists of names under table numbers. A really good way to spice up your table plans are to have them displayed on unusual items such as old wooden doors, mirrors and old windows. This idea is perfect for a vintage/up-cycled style wedding. It also can make incorporating your theme even easier. For example if you were having a beach themed wedding why not find some drift wood to display your table plan on. You could dress it up with shells and rope too make it even prettier.

Keepsake for seat sake!

Another way to display your table plan is to have a small item with a little card on it with the guests’ name and table on it. These items could even be your wedding favours. As you can see from the images below people have used little pieces of trees, keys, handkerchiefs and even Succulents (Definitely my favourite idea – I love Succulents!).

Below are a few images to demonstrate the endless possibilities there are for table plan ideas. We hope these get you off to a good start!

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Issue 49: When It Was Just You

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