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What happens when it rains?


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


What happens when it rains?

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Here, our regular contributor Rachael Connerton talks about how you can make your wedding day just perfect, whatever the weather! Over to you Rachael…

“The dress hangs beautifully on the wardrobe, the stunning flowers and treats for your guests are all ready to adorn the tables, but there is just one thing that you might not be able to predict on your wedding day…..the weather.


Quite understandably, many bride and grooms fear the dreaded rain on their big day ….However, we say time and time again that we are yet to photograph a wedding that the weather has managed to dampen; if anything, they’ve been even more fun!


So here are a few tips from us to help you prepare for any weather eventuality!

Don’t panic and embrace the fun – A happy bride and groom means happy guests too. If your guests can see that you are happy and relaxed, then they will be too (and, believe us, it does make a difference!). The rain really shouldn’t stop you from getting the beautiful images you’ve hoped for and, if you’re happy to work with the rain and have umbrellas, parasols and wellies, then it means you can get a few quirky or heavenly romantic shots that just wouldn’t have been possible on a sunny day too.



Make the most of your beautiful venue – You’ve chosen your venue for a reason and so it’s always lovely to use it – doorways, tree canopies, pagodas, summerhouses, porticos – they all act as a cosy shelter. They provide a gorgeous soft light and are usually a dream to photograph under. There are also countless stunning features inside too – fireplaces, staircases, split levels, bedrooms….the list is endless and all you need is a little imagination.


Be flexible – The beauty about a wedding day is just that; it spans most of a day and very rarely does it rain nonstop – there are usually a few very helpful breaks. This means an opportunity to nip outside with your photographer to capture that all-important shot outside your venue.


Plan ahead (just a little!) – Whilst you can’t control the weather, you can be prepared for it. You’ll have obviously spoken to your wedding venue about areas undercover for your guests to be cosy during the drinks reception. Your photographer should also pre-scout for the locations (either in advance or on the morning) so that there are some sheltered locations to head to for your day.



Welcome the romanticism – Although it might not be quite what you had planned, the rain really can bring a type of beauty that you wouldn’t have in the glorious sunshine. The reflections on the pavement and the softness of natural light all add to the ethereal romanticism.


There are endless possibilities to create some absolutely beautiful photographs when it rains. The images tend to be romantic, unpredictable and you might even be caught off-guard – that’s when the magic happens…


I love meeting our brides and grooms for their preview session, but I get even more excited when it’s for a wedding where we’ve had some rain – we then get to see those fabulous reactions when the happy couple see just how incredible they both looked and how the rain was part of their special day rather than spoiling it!”

Thanks Rachael, very useful with all the April showers at the moment!

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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