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Welcome to the wedding of Alex & Pete at the Carriage Hall


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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Welcome to the wedding of Alex & Pete at the Carriage Hall

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Alex and Pete’s wedding was so beautiful we just had to feature it on our blog and in the Spring issue of Save the Date Magazine!

From a floral bicycle to a delicious naked cake, Alex and Pete really made the Carriage Hall theirs for the day!

Over to Alex to tell you about her wedding day..

“We got married at the Carriage Hall in Plumtree. We chose this venue because we loved the open brick building with high ceilings, exposed beams and large windows. It had so much potential to do exactly what we wanted with it. The grounds and rural views were beautiful; it was everything we were looking for. We had heard good things about the award winning Perkins restaurant before so we knew the food would be of the highest quality.

We would describe the style of our wedding as rustic vintage with a summer fete type feel. We chose this style as we wanted something fun, relaxed, quirky and a bit different from your traditional English wedding.

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My dress was fairytale and romantic. I chose it because it complemented my figure and it was easy to move and dance around in. It made me feel really special and like a bride. ‘The Wedding Room’ in Chilwell was the fifth shop that I visited and as soon as I tried my dress on I instantly knew it was ‘the one’. I loved it so much that I paid the deposit there and then and cancelled all the other bridal appointment’s I had previously booked in!

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Jake Stone provided the acoustics on guitar; we approached him to play at our wedding when he was busking on Clumber Street in Nottingham City Centre. He played for us outside in the sunshine during our drinks reception and canapés. Then, we chose a 6 piece band called Under the Covers; we provided them with the song choices that we wanted from the last 5 decades and they recreated our first dance song perfectly.

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We hired a unique wedding/party photo booth in a taxi by Av’ a Go Booths. We had never been to a wedding with a taxi photo booth before and they parked up outside which was beneficial so that they weren’t taking up any room within the Carriage Hall. It went down a storm!

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Matt Horan is so passionate about his photography, he captured the day perfectly! He’s a lovely guy and it was a pleasure to have him at our special day. Our cake was by Cakey Wakey. We chose a naked cake consisting of 3 tiers (lemon, chocolate and Victoria sponge) surrounded with summer berries and roses. Michele Gledhill Flowers and Styling is very popular around the area. She had some great ideas and was able to accommodate everything that we wanted to do; she made our vintage rustic theme dream possible.

My advice to all newly engaged brides would be to enjoy the wedding prep, give yourself plenty of time, spreadsheets and Pinterest!

{Meet the Suppliers}

Venue: The Carriage Hall
Cake: Cakey Wakey
Photography: Matt Horan Photography
Dress: The Wedding Room
Entertainment: Under the Covers & Jake Stone
Flowers & Styling: Michele Gledhill Flowers and Styling

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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