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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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| TEMPRELL’S TOP TIPS | for wedding rings

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One of the most exciting parts in the wedding planning journey is picking out your wedding rings. Whilst all aspects of your day are important, your ring will be on your finger everyday of your life as a loving reminder of your marriage so making the right choice can feel a little overwhelming. Luckily for us, Temprell have put together their top tips to guide you along the way.
With the current quarentines in place, normal services are not as easily accessed but Raun from Temprell lets us know what you can do to get prepared in the meantime.

“We might not be able to offer a consultation in-store at the moment but these pre- consultation top tips will help to make sure you will be much more prepared when our Temprell doors open again. Use our website and our tips below to explore all of the options ahead of time…

Ladies Wedding Rings

Tip 1- your wedding ring should always match metals if you have an existing engagement ring. This is because the properties of metals differ and therefore some are softer than others. So that’s one decision made for you ! Horray !

Tip 2- Aesthetically, it tends to work best to match the width of your engagement ring …or go wider. If your ring tapers – the average width generally looks most suited. We can take that measurement and let you know exactly what will look best!

Tip 3- Ask yourself… do you want your engagement ring to remain the main focus on your finger? If the answer is yes, then the likelihood is you’ll prefer the look of a plain band. We can match the width and depth to your engagement ring in order to create a subtle but classic feel.

Tip 4- If your answer to the above is no or you are unsure… then it’s absolutely worth considering more sparkle. We have a range of diamond set bands on offer – some more sparkly than others … but all as equally as beautiful. Follow @temprell to see some of our favourite combinations.

Mens Wedding Rings

Now, you are not alone if you don’t wear much jewellery so the key here for most is practicality and comfort. If you are already a jewellery or watch fan then think about how to incorporate your wedding ring into your existing style…

Tip 1- Firstly consider your metal choice. Think about what colour suits your skin tone and what will suit any existing jewellery. Durability may be important to you due to your lifestyle? This is where our expertise comes in and we can guide to to your perfect choice.

Tip 2-The width of your ring. There’s no right or wrong here as it’s very much personal preference. Our most popular widths tend to be 5 or 6mm so that’s a good starting point to consider.

Tip 3- The profile – in simple terms this results in the overall shape. Rounded, square, bevelled, concaved- these are all options. It’s worth mentioning that rounded (or courted) designs are arguably the most comfortable. You can see these options in greater detail on our website.

Tip 4- At Temprell we are guided by your preferences whilst giving all necessary advice. A key factor to remember with your wedding rings is longevity – we guarantee our manufacture for life but make sure you consider how timeless your thoughts are. Your rings are cherish-able symbols for decades to come and we cannot wait to begin that journey with you as soon as our studio is open.

Lastly – a frequently asked question from brides and grooms to be …

Can I remove the date inside my engraved ring?

At these uncertain times, a lot of bride and grooms are looking to make changes to their wedding date – hopefully the answer to this question will be one less thing to think about.

Generally speaking, yes we can! Our experts at Temprell will need to have a good look at your jewellery but wherever possible we will remove engraving and return the surface back to a brilliant shine! When our on-site workshop is up and running again we wish to offer this service free of charge to customers .

For any questions feel free to enquire”

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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