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We ♥ The Dressing Room


We ♥ The Dressing Room

Oh how we love the Dressing Room. Not only do they boast an amazing array of fabulous dresses, a stylish chic interior and a swoon worthy collection of accessories, they are two of the nicest women we have met during our Save the Date journey.

Having recently gone through the ups and downs of planning my own big day, I knew how important choosing ‘the’ dress was. Not only is it possibly the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear, it is also the day that you get stared at, photographed, filmed etc the most so you want to look your best. And I felt I did. The dress was simply amazing. However, to say that the store where we bought the dress from were a challenge is an understatement. We hit problem after problem and I can honestly say that this particlar store caused me more stress that quite frankly, I could have done without. So, when the final problem hit (I tried the dress on a week before the wedding to find it was 3 inches too long, something my dress fitting assistant obviously hadn’t picked up on!) I just decided that I couldn’t go back to them again. My trust in them was totally destroyed. So, in the middle of a crisis, a week before the big day, I had to put my thinking cap on – who could take my dress up in such short notice? Who could I totally trust and rely on? The Dressing Room of course.

So, having called them on the Friday (exactly one week before the big day), I explained my problem and Elaina and Justine arranged a fitting on the Saturday morning. I arrived at their beautiful boutique in Draycott and was greeted by the lovely Elaina who calmed me down and reassured me that everything was going to be just fine. I was with Elaina for over an hour whilst she pinned the dress up, and then up again, and again ….. before it was totally perfect. She then set to work and I picked the dress up on the Monday – hurrrah, I could walk in my dress without tripping over the excess fabric! Elaina was my saviour and I can honestly say that if I got my chance to do it all again, I would, without a shadow of a doubt, head straight to the Dressing Room to choose my dream dress.

With dress designers including Ritva Westenius, Charlotte Balbier, Sharon Bowen Couture and Madeline Issac-James, if you or anyone you know is on the hunt for ‘that’ dress, look no further than the Dressing Room. You will be treated like a princess and will feel like a million dollars walking down that aisle.

The Dressing Room – We ♥ you!

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