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It has to be said, when it comes to your wedding day, deciding on what to ask people to buy you is a pretty daunting task. Do you sound cheeky and ask for money? (That’s what I did and as cheeky as I felt, my guests were actually quite relieved to not have to trawl the shops trying to find me something!) Do you ask for contributions towards your dream honeymoon? Do you set up a gift list and request lots of pretty things for your love nest? Well, with so many options, it’s a pretty big decision deciding what route to go down. Well then, imagine a website which allows you to create a gift list out of absolutley anything … that’s right – anything. Whether you fancy a romantic weekend in Paris, diving with sharks, a couples cookery class or just a fancy new toaster, you can ask for whatever you jolly well want …. so, we decided to delve a little deeper and speak to the team at to find out more …..

If you can imagine it, you can list it.

DOUZO came out of the frustration of knowing what gifts we really wanted or needed, but being restricted on how we could share our wishes with friends and family. We had to pick affordable gifts from only one or two major stores, or we had to make an impersonal request for cash. Neither option gave us or our friends the right kind of freedom.

So we decided to make a place where the only limit on the type of gift would be our imagination. We wouldn’t be tied to a store or even to things that could be bought.  It would be easy to create and share a list.  It would be easy for friends and family to give and to know that their choice is unique and welcome. That place became

What is different about DOUZO?

Other list services limit you to a retailer or contributions to a single event, such as a honeymoon fund.  DOUZO lets you mix and match any type of gift, from traditional store-bought items to pledges of help. You can offer suggestions for every budget and preference. Big gifts can be bought jointly, without guests having to get together to arrange this.

Personalisation options – a range of list designs and photo uploading – make your list unique to you.  You can nominate someone to manage the list on your behalf.  (This is popular with couples who have plenty to do with other arrangements and who prefer a surprise when they find out who has given what from their list.)  You pay only a small, one-off fee, no matter how many gifts you have, how much the gifts cost, or how many people you share the list with.  Any money comes directly and immediately to you; nothing is taken from what people give.

Why “DOUZO”?

Our name comes from a Japanese word.  Its precise meaning varies in translation but it has a sense of “help yourself” or “by all means”.  DOUZO is based in the South of England but available world-wide, thanks to the power of the Web. We run with a small but perfectly-formed team, who have years of experience of business, technology, and making things easy to use.  You can find us at, on Facebook , or Twitter @giftlistbuilder.

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