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The Wedding Dance Trend of 2015


The Wedding Dance Trend of 2015

Gone are the days, it seems, when a newly wedded couple would take to the dance floor at their reception to slow dance to a cheesy love song. Nowadays it’s all about being bigger and better, being more memorable and everlasting and in the world of weddings it is no different.

Brides and Groom are looking for more ways to make their wedding day more exciting and fun than the last wedding everybody went to. There is a huge desire to create the most outrageous and crazy wedding days than ever before.

One way to achieve the title of ‘best wedding I’ve ever been to’ is to update your wedding dances. More and more couples are opting for choreographed dances they have learned with a dance instructor. Couples are keeping their dances a secret surprise from their guests. Their dances usually start off as a slow dance (as this is what everyone expects) and quickly turn into an up-beat choreographed dance routine you expect to see in a dance movie.

Choreographed dances don’t have to be only for the couple, in fact they often look even better when a group of people are involved. Planning a dance with your Groomsmen is a great way to surprise the Bride and your guests. If the dance is fairly easy you can always encourage your guests to join in once the dance is under full swing.

When choosing which songs to dance to a popular option is to create a music mash up. Make a list of your favourite songs, or popular chart songs that everyone will know and create a mash up where the music seamlessly changes from song to song. This would also allow for more than one type of dance style. Each time the song changes your dancing would change too.

Couples want nothing more than for their day to be memorable for years to come. And with the creation of the Internet that is much easier to do. Your guests will most likely film your dance and it will be posted to social media for the world to see.

Take a look at these videos of wedding dances to see how fun and well thought out they are. Perhaps you’ll fancy making your big day memorable with your own crazy wedding dance?


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