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The musings of a chief bridesmaid


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


The musings of a chief bridesmaid

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Ruth is a Wedding & Events Co-ordinator at a venue in Derbyshire. She’s also a vocalist soon to be performing at weddings, she helps organise a music festival and the most important job of all…she’s a chief bridesmaid!

So I came back from Glastonbury last week tired, suntanned and very ready for a shower! I had a brilliant time, met some lovely people & watched so many great bands, although I must be getting old… by Sunday I was more than ready to get back to my lovely comfy bed! After years of slumming it in tents at festivals I think next time I’ll invest & rent a campervan!

I spotted 2 couples on their honeymoon at Glastonbury, they made me smile. One couple were in the crowd singing along to the Fleet Foxes (very sweet) and another couple were chatting away to a big group of people with the words ‘Glasto honeymoon 2011’ proudly displayed on their clothing. Both couples looked like they were having a great time, although part of me hopes they had another honeymoon planned somewhere with less mud & less people!

As some of you may know, my partner Mike and I did the responsible thing and bought a house…we finally get the keys next week! Ekkk! We’ve been waiting for so long it still doesn’t feel real. Mike has been great; he wants to get stuck in and do as much work on the house as possible. He’s just finished doing a plastering course (bless him, he did it over 2 weekends alongside full time work and didn’t complain once…in fact, he loved it!) he’s now ready and raring to go so I’m hoping once we’re in I can run around as tea lady and he can do all the nitty gritty jobs…I’ve a feeling it won’t end up that way though!

Anyway, we’ve got everything packed and ready to go so it’s just a case of counting down the days. I hope I’m this organised when I get married!

On that subject my little sister and bride to be Katie called me earlier. She was so excited; she’s got a new job. I’m so pleased for her as it means she’ll have more time to spend with her fiancée Chris & more time to plan her wedding! She’s getting married next September. At the moment she’s currently deciding whether or not they should write their own vows. I think it’s a lovely idea and the perfect way to tell someone how much he or she means to you.

We’ve got more wedding dress shopping and some suit hire fittings for the groom this weekend! It’s all go, go, go at the moment but lots of fun so I can’t complain 🙂

Thanks for reading and catch you again in 2 weeks time xxx

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  1. Lauren- Bluetwentyone

    Ruth, Love these posts!
    And i was at Glastonbury too, only problem was that my chief bridesmaid duties where the saturday after Glastonbury!!! Luckily my tan lines and slightly red nose had gone down in time!!
    Look forward to the next installment x

  2. Ruth

    Thanks Lauren! That’s really lovely of you, much appreciated! Hope the wedding after Glastonbury went smoothly, pleased to hear the tan lines had gone in time! The things we do for live music in muddy fields eh! x


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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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