What have wedding suppliers missed in 2020...

Corr blimey, what a year 2020 was. In the midst of a global pandemic, every aspect of our day-to-day lives were turned upside down. But, in amongst all of the life changing sacrifices and restrictions, the wonderful world of weddings took a massive hit – celebrations cancelled, plans changed and so many special days were, heart
wrenchingly, postponed.

Just like the couples themselves, wedding suppliers have been devastated and dearly wished they could be part to the best day of someone’s life again. So, feeling in the mood for reminiscing, we asked our industry friends to find out what they’ve missed most from the days that didn’t happen in the year that was like no other...

Hannah Blinko Hair
Having a room full of the brides family, friends, the giggles and laughs that it brings, is so warming – seeing families together and the
closeness is so special.
Image Credit – Nikki’s Moments Photo & Film

Ivory White
Being able to have our gorgeous brides in store to find the perfect dress with their nearest and dearest in tow, there really is nothing
quite like the power of a bribe tribe!
Image Credit – Sophie May Photo

Gigil and Bloom
Without doubt, the excitement and anticipation of the morning. We just love playing a part in the hustle and bustle of all our couples wedding day finally arriving,
Image Credit – Matt Horan Photography


The Pumping House
We have missed the crowds ready for their group shots and the all important confetti shot and the loud cheer this brings – (we think even secretly our caretaker has missed the daily clean up of the confetti!)
Image Credit – Ed Godden

Josephine Way MUA
There’s not much I don’t miss about weddings to be honest! From seeing ultimate girl gangs and proud Mum’s and Dad’s, being a bridal makeup artist means I get to see so many gorgeous moments. For me though, I so miss those anticipated moments before the bride leaves. There’s something in the air at that moment – it’s a huge mix of nerves, excitement, and love.
Image Credit – Caitlin and Jones

Blooms and Cakes
As I deliver both flowers and the all important cake, the wedding reception can often look a little bare until I show up. I fuss and titivate at length and then, like a magic spell has been cast, it all suddenly looks perfect. As I leave the reception room, all set for their party, with artistically placed flowers and tasty cake, I relish in the knowledge that I have added something to the special couple’s day!
Image Credit – Megan Wilson Photography


A Big Neon Glitter
A wedding day is undoubtedly a celebration of love but it’s also the beginning of a new chapter in every couples’ life and getting to know their hopes, dreams and plans is why we love weddings so much. Yes capturing the day is our first and foremost priority but what we’ve missed so much is the social aspect of a wedding. Really getting to
know everything about our couples drives our passion and fills us with hope and optimism with each and every wedding we photograph.
Image Credit – A Big Neon Glitter

Rather Lovely Films
Watching the best day of someone’s life unfold before my eyes. The totally euphoric happiness of a wedding day truly is the best
medicine ever – I can’t wait to get my much-needed dose of it again, and again…and again!
Image Credit – Rather Lovely Films

David Williams Guitarist
I have missed arranging their favourite & special songs for them and seeing their reactions and how much it means to them when they hear it.
Image Credit – A Big Neon Glitter Photography


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