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The amazing Royal Wedding


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


The amazing Royal Wedding

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Well, what a day …. we here at Save the Date Magazine are still getting over it all to be honest and just cannot believe how truly fabulous and exciting the whole of Friday was.

So, now it’s Tuesday, you’ve probably read all you’re going to read and watched everything there is to watch so we’ll keep it short and sweet and give you our observations from the day …. oh, where to start!?

Firstly, the happy couple. Two words – True Love. Wills and Kate look at each other only the way a couple who are well and truly meant for one another give each other ‘the look’. He apparently told her she looked beautiful when she arrived at the end of a (very long!) aisle. And he couldn’t have spoken a truer word.

Inspired by Grace Kelly, Kate’s dress was AMAZING. Lots of lovely lace and a really elegant feel, it suited Kate and her style to a t. And, when she first appeared on our screens on Friday in this incredible Sarah Burton (pictured above) designed creation, we sat with our friends in a cottage in Derbyshire which we’d rented for the weekend, and let out a huge yelp. Not just because Kate looked absolutely stunning … but because her dress was really rather similar to my wedding dress on my big day last May. I couldn’t believe the similarities! My phone was buzzing with ‘Kate’s wearing your dress’ ‘Have you seen Kate’s dress!? It’s like yours’ … I was SO excited. However, now I am worrying that every bride up and down the country is going to be seen donning my dress for the next century and that does concern me slightly but surely the future Queen wearing a similar wedding dress to your own is a good thing!? What do you guys think? And, in case you’re wondering what I’m rambling on about, here I am in my wedding dress (not exactly the same but pretty similar!):

My dress was designed by David Fielden and Kates, Sarah Burton plus her sleeves were all the way to the wrist whereas mine reached my elbows. But I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw the resemblance.

Anyway, I think she looked a total and utter stunner and I was so pleased she opted for sleeves and something quite traditional with a vintage twist. Just perfect. Kate – we salute you.

So, Kate was the star of the show but another Middleton who managed to get herself possibly a lot more attention than she expected was her younger sister, chief bridesmaid, Pippa. Also wearing Sarah Burton, Pippa’s dress clung to all the right places and showed off her incredible figure just perfectly. I know Kate must have been nervous but for Pippa … she was wearing a clingy (with a capital C) silk dress with a trail, high heels and was expected to carry out her duties in front of 2 billion people without putting a foot wrong. And she managed it effortlessly. With a continual smile, a fabulous glowing tan, knowing where she needed to be and when and allowing her sister to bask in her time of glory, Pippa was the perfect chief.

And that just leaves everything and everyone else! Harry – cheeky chap who everyone wants as their younger brother. He looked fabulous when he arrived at Westminster Abbey and gave William the old nudge nudge, wink, wink when his bride arrived. Can you imagine his speech? I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to funny tales of his lovely big brother. The guests – some fabulous outfits and did anyone else notice the new craze in wearing your fascinator/mini hat on your forehead!? Let’s watch out for that one taking off! And what about the Beckhams? Now, I’m a big fan of the famous couple but what was up with Posh Spice? She looked so miserable. I would have done anything for her seat in Westminster Abbey and she just didn’t seem like she wanted to be there. According to a newspaper, she wasn’t feeling very well but seriously, come on Victoria, you’re at the Royal Wedding!! What about the cute bridesmaids/pageboys – possibly the most well behaved youngters at a wedding – ever. A seamless walk down the aisle and apart from the odd face pulling on the balcony, those beautiful kids did Kate and Wills proud.

And one of our favourite parts of the entire day? The old school car with tacky balloons and L plates (apparently decorated by Harry). How cool was that? So casual, down to earth and totally against ‘royal tradition’ – it was a fabulous idea and they looked so in love and happy during their little drive to Clarence House.

We would love to carry on (still so much to talk about!!) but I think we’ve covered off the main aspects of the day. Overall, we here at Save the Date LOVED Friday and thought the Royal Wedding was one of the best days for uniting the nation and getting everyone proud to be British. Kate and William are a fabulous, young couple who we believe will work wonders for our Royal Family and we cannot wait for them to get started.

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  1. Emma - Aphroditeswb

    WOW!!! It really does look like your dress, and what a beautiful dress it is too, how amazing to be a trendsetter for the future Queen!! Great round up of the Royal Wedding 🙂 x x

  2. Julia

    Reading this made me go all goosebumpy again! She was a truly beautiful bride, and I hope they have re-ignited the nation’s faith in true love. Lydia, I can’t believe the similarities in the dress – wow! You looked absolutely amazing too! Thaks for this blog post – what a lovely read x

  3. Chloe from Adore

    A fab post ladies, I’m still reeling from it all too! Lydia you look so beautiful, lovely to see your wedding pics and amazingly similar! I’ll be coming to you for style guidance from now on! x


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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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