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If you’ve made the cut and you’re now rocking the title of ‘bridesmaid’, congratulations! Your role as a member of the bridal party is super important and as a right hand made to the bride, it will come with a number of responsibilities throughout the planning journey and on the wedding day itself.

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a huge honour and it’ll help strengthen your bond as besties while creating life-long memories. But remember, amongst the make-up trials and mammoth shopping sessions, it’s not all glitz and glamour! So, here are the bridesmaid duties that you need to now about…

Dress Shopping

This is the part that you’ll probably be most excited about – dress shopping, for both the bridesmaid gowns and the bride’s aisle style. When the bride is looking for her wedding dress, make sure you’re extremely supportive, encouraging and that you have plenty of fun doing it. While it’s heaps of fun, some brides can actually feel disheartened and lack confidence when looking for their dress, so make sure you ensure they love every second of it. And of course, that you choose a bridal boutique that offers bubbles!

When it comes to shopping for your bridesmaid dresses, be open-minded to what the bride wants you to wear. She might be extremely relaxed and just advise on a colour that she wants the bride tribe to wear, but if she has something specific, rock it! You’ll only have to wear it for one day.

It’s also essential that you establish with the bride who is paying for what, and if she’s asked you to pay make sure you factor in additional costs, such as make-up, accessories, shoes etc.

Hen Party Planning

Now the hen party planning really is the fun part and it’s one of the best duties you can have as a bridesmaid. Don’t underestimate the amount of organisation it will take to pull off an EPIC hen party for your bride. Finding a date between then hens will be time-consuming alone, let alone the actual organisation. For this reason, make sure you delegate hen party tasks amongst all bridesmaids – from games to décor, activities to drink. It will make life a whole lot easier and it will help to ensure everyone feels involved.

Wedmin Time

Whether it’s getting crafty over a glass of wine and tackling the DIY jobs, to managing RSVPs, make sure you’re on hand to help your bride with the #wedmin side of things. While these jobs may not be overly fun, they’re something that needs to be done and your bride will love having you there to help her.

Set Up On The Day

If your bestie doesn’t have a planner or stylist on hand, be prepared to help set up the night before or the morning of the wedding, getting all those gorgeous decorations and details ready. This might simply be arranging the centrepieces, hanging up bunting or double-checking the card and gift table looks perfect.

Getting Ready On The Morning

The morning of the wedding is such a special time to treasure, so make the most of it as it will really whizz by in a flurry of selfies, bubbles and giggles – not to mention those pre-ceremony jitters. As a bridesmaid, you’ll need to be there throughout the morning of the wedding, especially if you’re having your hair and make-up done professional.

Ceremony Duties

Has your bride asked you to have an integral part during the wedding ceremony? Perhaps your job is to usher guests to their seats, help with directions or even do a reading! Make sure you’re completely ready to help and you’ll do it with a smile on your face. Don’t be too nervous if you’re doing a reading, just speak loudly, clearly and soak up the romance!

Confetti Moment

After the ceremony, it’s generally the bridesmaids’ roles to help hand out confetti to ensure all guests are fully stocked and ready to get throwing. The confetti moment is always amazing, especially when captured on camera so guests are going to need a lot of it. They won’t know if there is any confetti on offer or where to find it, so make sure you tick this job off your to-do-list.

Toilet Duty & Emergency Wedding Kit

Yep, this is exactly as the title suggests. The bride is going to be wearing a gorgeous gown with lots of layers, so going to the toilet is likely to be a struggle. Always be on duty to help your best gal with her gown, and we also always recommend having an emergency wedding kit ready for any potential disasters. Carry make-up, plasters, a mini sewing kit, wet wipes etc – essentially anything that you think the bride might possible need on the most important day of her life.

Get The Party Started

As the bridesmaid, it’s your job to get the party started and to make sure everyone gets on the dancefloor. There’s nothing worse than a DJ rocking the playlist but no one is brave enough to show their moves off. Grab guests from their seats and get them dancing, the bride and groom will seriously appreciate it.

Top Tips For Bridesmaids

BE EXCITED – Your bridal bestie will have been so excited about asking you, so make sure you return the enthusiasm throughout the whole wedding planning journey. This will be such a lovely time for you all, and even though being a bridesmaid can sometimes be stressful, the bride deserves an excited bridesmaid.

BE HELPFUL – Planning a wedding can be tiring, overwhelming and stressful, so make sure you’re helpful throughout the process. If your bride is struggling with the DIY workload of wedding planning, offer to help! Bring around a bottle of her favourite wine, grab some choccies and make it something fun to do together.

BE A TEAM PLAYER – You won’t necessarily know all of the bridesmaids, so be a team player, get involved and make friends with everyone in the bridal party. It’ll make life easier for everyone, including the bride.


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