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Supplier of the week – Tineke Floral Designs


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


Supplier of the week – Tineke Floral Designs

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A week in the life of …. Tineke!

So, for today’s supplier of the week post, we thought we’d have a nosey into the working week of one of our favourite ‘big day’ suppliers of all things flower related!

And boy have they been busy ….

So, over to Kerry at Tineke Floral Designs for a run down of what they got up to last week:


6.00  Off to the market to buy fresh flowers and order placed with Holland for flowers to be delivered Wednesday and Thursday for weekend weddings

7.00 Arrive at studio in Sutton in Ashfield to make up orders for that day

9.00 Deliver corporate flowers

10.00 Viewing of larger premises for our nationwide launch, not suitable!

12.00 Quick bite to eat in between taking phone calls and checking online store for orders through

Consultation booked for wedding due to take place June 2011 at Lakeside

15.00 Consultation with another couple getting married at Bestwood Lodge next year, we discussed gorgeous blue delphiniums with classic white roses

18.30 Meeting at Lakeside with fellow founder members of the nottinghamshire wedding specialist association to discuss our marketing and next open day on 17th october


8.00 Quick dash to market for last minute order that came through online

9.00 At Matlock shop

12pm-14.30 Ladies network event at the secret based in Matlock, lovely lunch with lovely ladies, may have found someone to help me with my admin!

16.00 Back to the office to catch up on paperwork


6.30 Flower delivery of stunning phalaenopsis orchids and white hydrangeas in time for Melanie’s wedding on Thursday.

8.00 Start to prepare the glassware for weddings on Friday at Lakeside and Saturday at Breadsall Priory; 6 hurricane vases and 36 glass jars for Friday and 30 vases for Saturday!!!!

Phone busy again today with people placing orders, online store seems to be working well in that people will look online first, get an idea then place order over the phone

Later on, I put together the flowers for Thursday’s wedding


7.00 Produce buttonholes, we like to do this as last minute as possible for optimum freshness

11.00 Deliver flowers to Stubton Hall, lovely venue

13.00 Back from Stubton, start on flowers for Steve and Brydie’s wedding on Friday

19.00 Finish!


Another early start to complete Steve and Brydies wedding flowers, and then we receive the flowers from Holland for Leanne and Richard’s wedding on Saturday

11.00 Set off to deliver Brydie’s bridal bouquet, bridesmaids arrangements and buttonholes

12.30 Arrive at Lakeside to set up the hurricane vases and fresh rose petals for the ceremony and as requested by the bride and groom, the Tineke team stop to watch the lovely ceremony

After the ceremony, it’s manic getting the lakeside tower room changed around quickly from ceremony to wedding breakfast!

14.30 We are ready to head back to Sutton studio to start with Leanne and Richard’s modern wedding.

(Not much time for the shop at Matlock this week – it’s a good job we have Astra, Steph and Rachel taking care of it)

21.00 Late finish but very pleased with the results!

Meet with rest of Tineke team, John and Shaun, for chinese takeway and to discuss the plans for Saturday’s venue set up, mission in itself with 10 tables using 30 vases!


Early start again for the team

John gets on with the buttonholes whilst Shaun gets the van loaded up with Kerry.

10.00 We arrive at Leanne’s – very excited and very pleased with the bridal party flowers!

12.00 Arrive at Breadsall Priory for venue set up; Shaun is on cleaning the mirrors and getting the vases filled, whilst John sees to the cake flowers and Kerry puts the flowers in place, then we are all on getting the fresh rose petals on

16.00 We give the room another check, looking good!

Head home, as we’re out with funeral directors tonight


Would have liked a lie in but Matlock shop calls as we have 2 new brides in wishing to discuss flowers, lovely couples. One Spring wedding, very natural with daffodils, crocus and tulips and one very modern and contemporary with Calla Lilys.

Sunday evening, we get a call from the senior events manager at Breadsall Priory wishing to use our design as seen at Richard and Leanne’s wedding on Saturday for the Marriott’s National Competition, very honored and pleased that Tineke is now Breadsall Priory’s preferred florist

Fancy making yourself and your flowers part of Tineke’s working week? Why not get in touch on 01623 464 371 or take a look at their website.

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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