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Supplier of the week – Cakey Wakey


Supplier of the week – Cakey Wakey

A gift from her mother in law 16 years ago in the shape of a part work magazine on cake making and decorating, was the start of a new chapter in Joanne Wakefield’s life – this was the beginning of the Cakey Wakey journey.

With a vast library of books and magazines, Joanne has amazingly taught herself everything she knows about the art of cake making and decorating. A highly successful cake business, Cakey Wakey boasts a great portfolio of work, from traditional sponge and fruit cakes, to celebration cakes, cookie favours, cupcakes and toppers.

With a real passion for cakes and of course weddings, Joanne works from home and ensures each and every one of her clients receive a personal, one-to-one service. From the initial consultation where Joanne discusses the requirements, from colour schemes to flavours, toppers to presentation, everything is captured right from the start. A true perfectionist, Joanne always hand delivers her wedding cakes to the venue and places them in position herself to ensure it looks just perfect.

When it comes to toppers, Joanne has a real talent for creating an uncanny resemblance of an individuals’ look through the art of icing and sugar which begins with a photograph of the couple being taken at the consultation for Joanne to recreate as cute toppers for the cakes. Recent toppers have included a dog digging through the cake and a bride and groom sat eating cupcakes, covered in crumbs – nothing is too off the wall for Cakey Wakey!

Now, with more and more demand for fabulous and highly creative wedding cakes, Joanne is busier than ever but still ensures she retains her high standards of service, with everything totally homemade, boasting the adorable catchphrase “The only preservatives in our cakes is in the jam”.

Joanne, we couldn’t agree more.

To get in touch with Cakey Wakey, please visit or call 0115 9611 277

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