Romance in the Walled Garden...

We LOVE Becky at Life Through A Lens Photography so when this gorgeous engagement shoot landed in our inbox, we just knew we had to share it with you. Not only do you get to swoon over this lovely images at Elford Hall Gardens, you can find out why a pre-wedding shoot is an absolute must-have. So, let's get stuck into the gallery...

“This engagement shoot was done at golden hour and using a local hidden gem called Elford Walled Gardens, in Tamworth. I knew when I went to scout the location it had that wow factor; with its stunning walls, apple orchard, stunning flower gardens and boat house on the river, it had that dreamy, elegant and romantic feel that me and my couple were after. Lauren & Ashely’s wedding has a boho/indie vibe to it and so I wanted their engagement shoot to match both their vibe and mine.

I always plan my engagement shoots to ensure we get those romantic and emotional images as well as having fun, the apple orchards allowed me to capture those fun shots having both Lauren & Ashely leading each other on a walk with the other guessing what they were drawing on the floor (they kept it clean don’t worry). When we got inside the walled gardens I really wanted to get those emotional and close shots that captured how close they are and obviously their love for each other, with the sun setting just behind them the light was just perfect and the flowers did their job of framing them and gave them some privacy to go in for that kiss. The boat house and the river shots allowed us to change up the scenery and get them some really intimate images ending with them practising their first dance moves with again the sunset providing us with that warm and dreamy glow.

It’s fair to say that I can’t wait for their wedding next year and both of them have said not only are they in love with their images but the fear of being photographed has now gone and they too can’t wait for their wedding day and for their couple shoot when they are suited and booted.”

“Lauren and Ashley booked one of my wedding packages which includes an engagement shoot, I absolutely love these sessions as I get to not only get my couples some stunning pictures, but I ensure I organise the sessions to help couples become more comfortable in front of the camera. I describe these sessions as a shoot where we get to play out, have fun and they get to get close and there’s lots of kissing. I start my sessions with something that gets the couple moving and having fun, this immediately puts them at ease, then as we work through the hour session I introduce more intimate poses.

The way I work is to give my couples something to think about or do which allows them to be themselves and I get a much more natural look and feel to my images. As someone who loves the outdoors and water the walled gardens set my soul on fire with the diverse options of wild flowers, rugged walls and the river, I knew that once I suggested to my couple they too would be in love as much as I was. I wanted to do it in the evening to capture that warm glow of golden hour, which would give the whole shoot a dreamy and warm vibe.”

Elford Walled Gardens is set in a rural village in Tamworth, it began it’s life in 2009 with the objective of saving the walled garden from development as housing, since then it is run by volunteers and it has an amazing mission statement: to provide a free amenity for everyone to enjoy – open and accessible to all, and boy does it deliver. The garden offers a range of allotments, an orchard, flower borders, a rose garden, a sensory garden and has many interesting historical features. It is also available for hire as a venue for hosting weddings and celebrations, and catering can be provided for group visits.”

If you love the thought of a pre-wedding shoot, drop Becky at Life Through A Lens Photography a note! She’s so lovely and we can guarantee you’ll feel comfortable behind the camera, plus you’ll have some gorgeous engagement photographs to treasure forever.


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