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Pretty in Pink {The Wedding of Yvonne and Will}


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Pretty in Pink {The Wedding of Yvonne and Will}

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Yvonne and Will’s wedding venue was a lovely blank canvas with a beautiful back drop of rolling green hills and clear blue skies. Yvonne had a vision of pretty pinks, pom poms, bunting and lots of delicate flowers. With the help of her lovely bridesmaids they brought the day to life!

Over to Yvonne to tell you about her big day…

“We wanted a summer outdoor wedding but didn’t want a marquee so we were looking online for barns, farms and gardens. We saw Townfield Barn, Bamford online and wasn’t sure about the venue based on the photos we saw online however the price was cheap so we thought we’d go and have a look anyway.


We were pretty much sold as soon as we got parked up. The open field, the gorgeous back drop, the rustic Dutch barn, the stone walls. We knew it was going to be a hard work but I knew what I wanted to do with the space as soon as I saw this empty canvas.

It wasn’t a registered place for use to legally get married so we went to the registry office at the Sheffield  Town Hall a few days before. We held a short but sweet blessing at the barn.

We wanted a chilled relaxed wedding, the shabby chic-ness just sort of happened and fitted well with the venue.

YvonneandWill007 YvonneandWill008 YvonneandWill009

I originally wanted a more practical, comfortable dress so was trying on A line floaty style dresses. The more I tried on the more I started to feel it wasn’t the style for me. I then saw a fitted Mori Lee dress in the sales rack in my size and thought I’d give it a go. I fell in love with it straight away and knew it was the one! It was a strapless fishtail piece, in the most amazing gorgeous lace. I was quite self-conscious about it being backless so I had the seamstress add some straps with some of the lace tacked onto it to cover my back a little. My advice, don’t go for what you think is best, go for what you want!

YvonneandWill012 YvonneandWill014  YvonneandWill016

As it was a DIY wedding, pretty much all my weekends from when we booked the venue was used to make decorations- pom poms, bunting, wedding favours etc. Defiantly a lot of blood sweat and tears and bargain hunting went into planning for this day. I had a lot of help from my wonderful bridesmaids. Everything that has wording/drawings on it, from the stationary to the frames was done by my very talented graphic designer bridesmaid. We raided gardens and went to the flower market a few days before and had a friend make the bouquets.

YvonneandWill020 YvonneandWill023 YvonneandWill024 YvonneandWill025YvonneandWill015

We got ice cream from a local dairy farm, Our Cow Molly it was amazing tasty ice cream! We also hired an all-day bar from Bar Hire Yorkshire. They had great prices and wonderful staff.

We had cupcakes and an small cake from Kilner’s Bakery. They were very helpful and gave us exactly what we wanted!

YvonneandWill028 YvonneandWill031 YvonneandWill032 YvonneandWill034 YvonneandWill039 YvonneandWill056 YvonneandWill057 YvonneandWill063 YvonneandWill065 YvonneandWill081 YvonneandWill106 YvonneandWill119 YvonneandWill122 YvonneandWill127 YvonneandWill132 YvonneandWill133 YvonneandWill134 YvonneandWill137 YvonneandWill139 YvonneandWill142 YvonneandWill143 YvonneandWill144 YvonneandWill157 YvonneandWill179 YvonneandWill182 YvonneandWill187 YvonneandWill192 YvonneandWill194 YvonneandWill211 YvonneandWill212 YvonneandWill218 YvonneandWill230 YvonneandWill244 YvonneandWill251 YvonneandWill287 YvonneandWill298 YvonneandWill299 YvonneandWill300 YvonneandWill305 YvonneandWill316 YvonneandWill320 YvonneandWill347 YvonneandWill350 YvonneandWill354 YvonneandWill356 YvonneandWill361 YvonneandWill367 YvonneandWill381 YvonneandWill385 YvonneandWill411 YvonneandWill413 YvonneandWill435 YvonneandWill447 YvonneandWill451 YvonneandWill459 YvonneandWill468 YvonneandWill508 YvonneandWill510 YvonneandWill535 YvonneandWill554 YvonneandWill580 YvonneandWill583 YvonneandWill594 YvonneandWill608 YvonneandWill615 YvonneandWill619 YvonneandWill628 YvonneandWill629 YvonneandWill630 YvonneandWill646 YvonneandWill650 YvonneandWill708 YvonneandWill719 YvonneandWill730 YvonneandWill732 YvonneandWill013 YvonneandWill265  YvonneandWill701

My advice would be to sit down and think about budget and write a list of things you need to do. Keep up and maintain the list. I found it very satisfying being able to cross things off the list and finding things below budget!”

{List of fab suppliers}

Venue – Townfield Barn

Dress – Mori Lee

Bar – Bar Hire Yorkshire

Ice-cream – Our Cow Molly

Cake – Kilner’s Bakery

Photography – Matt Horan Photography

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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