Worried about a few wedding hiccups? Not anymore!

Whether you’re an event planning pro or a complete newbie to the world of weddings, planning your big day is going to be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do, so expect a few hiccups here and there. But, to help you avoid any major disasters we’re telling you the 10 mistakes that you can easily avoid. Thank us later…

It’s Time To Face The Budget

We’ve talked all about your wedding budget over on the blog before and the importance of setting one. This is one of the very first things you should tick off your to-do-list. Consider your priorities and where you’d like to spend the majority of your money. An excel spreadsheet is a must-have when setting the budget and it will help to reduce any stress in the long run!

Always Make A Plan B

For couples who are dreaming of an outdoor wedding venue or want to spend their celebration making the most of the grounds and gardens, always make a plan B just in case the sunshine refuses to make an appearance!

Aisle Style Faux Pas

When it comes to choosing your aisle style, make sure you’ve booked your venue before you start shopping for your wedding dress. While finding the perfect gown may be one of the items you’re most looking forward to ticking off your list, you don’t want to have a huge, ruffled gown waiting in the cupboard if you’ll be saying ‘I Do’ on the beach!

Don’t Change Yourself

While we’re on the topic of wedding dress shopping, don’t make the mistake of trying to drop three dress sizes in three months. While you want to feel completely confident, it doesn’t mean you have to take on a dramatic exercise and diet plan ahead of the big day. The planning will be stressful enough as it is, and your partner is marrying you for you!

Get Organised With The Guest List

One of the most time-consuming parts of wedding planning, it’s better to get organised with your guest list rather than avoid it. A lot of people over-invite guests, expecting many to politely decline, however we’d recommend only inviting the amount that your venue can cater for. You don’t want to feel awkward when you only have a wedding breakfast for 100 people but 120 have turned up!

Don’t Stress!

Easier said than done, amongst the spreadsheets, to-do-lists and bunting, it’s important you don’t let yourself get stressed over the small details. At the end of the day, the fact that you haven’t picked out the perfect napkins really won’t matter when you see your hubby or wifey-to-be waiting for you at the ceremony.

Don’t Do Too Much

We totally understand that you want purse-friendly options for your big day, don’t put too much pressure on yourself! DIY details can be a fun, personal touch but as soon as you start dreading doing something, ask a friend or family member for a hand. Your loved ones will really appreciate getting involved and you can do it all over a glass of wine.

Read The Small Print

One of the most avoidable mistakes is not reading the fine print! Always make sure you and your partner have carefully read through each and every contract thoroughly, at least twice! You don’t want to get caught out with any hidden costs, unexpected fees or potential disasters.

Book A Hair & Make-Up Trial

We’ve heard it SO many times before! A bride gets her make-up done on the morning of her wedding for the first time and doesn’t like it – cue the tears! It’s the most important day of your life so you want to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best, after all, everyone is going to be looking at you and it will all be captured on camera. It’s absolutely vital that you get a hair and make-up trial if you’ve decided to hire a professional. This way, you can relax knowing your make-up artist knows exactly what you want on the morning of your wedding.

Invest In Your Photographer

We’re lucky enough to feature of the East Midland’s most inspirational photographers over on our Cream of the Crop Wedding Directory, and we’d always recommend that your photographer should be at the top of your priority list. Never scrimp – you’ll only be disappointed with poor quality or a lack of images. You want to have tangible memories to treasure and look back on for years to come.


If you’re in need of even more wedding planning tips, take a peek at our top tips for getting your guests involved here. For couples who need some advice when it comes to your wedding budget, we’ve got you covered. Or, get a head start and browse through our Cream of the Crop Wedding Directory…


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