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Oh I Do like a bit of cake!


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Oh I Do like a bit of cake!

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The cake is back! After being pushed aside to make way for the new breed of ‘cupcake cakes’ the cake has made a triumphant return. We now hand you over to Natalie from the fabulous Yummy Little Cakes to tell you all about the ‘return of the cake’ and also show you some of her lovely unique designs.

Natalie also has some helpful tips on favours to help inspire you!  So, over to Natalie……

“Since the Roman Empire, the wedding cake has been a very important part of the day. During the 1660’s when King Charles II ruled, the large stacked cake we know today was created. Some traditions are still used today, only they have evolved (no one wants cake crumbled over their heads – do they?) we now cut the cake!

collage1 collage4
Many other alternatives have come and gone – some are still around and can compliment the stacked cake fabulously. However the stacked (tiered) will always be the most traditional. Long gone though is the old fashioned, over piped, fruit only heavy cakes, replaced by pieces of art. The design possibilities are endless.

Many things can be used for inspiration – gowns, pieces of vintage china, beautiful stationery, jewellery, flowers ( Like I say endless). There are a vast array of wedding blogs all offering “on trend” colour palettes and designs, which is great as this gives confidence to choose what ever you like for your big day. However I personally believe many brides already know what colour and style of wedding they have been dreaming of.

collage5collage2 collage3

Many couples believe a tiered cake to be the expensive option, it entirely depends on your budget, it doesn’t necessarily mean a tiered cake will be more expensive. While new alternatives of cake can be an excitement, my heart truly lies with the pretty, chic, elegant stacked variety.

No more forgotten favours…..

How many weddings have you been to where you’ve ‘popped’ your favour in your bag never to surface again until the bags’ next outing? Favours should be an exciting and talked about detail like the rest. Not only that your guests enjoy, but end up being a great memento of your big day. What would you most enjoy to nibble on there and then or take home to savour – brownies, millionaire’s shortbread, cookies, cake pops, rocky road or a delightful macaroon or two?

IMG_0188 collage7 IMG_0185

Then how to present them – maybe a cute glass jar so guests can savour at their leisure then re-use after. Maybe add a name tag – place names sorted too! (win win). Cookies can be simple in design – words of love, hand painted florals, cameos or how about a moustache (now that is fun too).


collage6 IMG_0199

So lets say ‘No’ to net bags of sugared almonds and ‘yes’ to something creative and memorable!”

Natalie x

We hope you this helps makes your mind up about that BIG DECISION, cake or cupcake?! And don’t forget those FAVOURS!

(Images courtesy of Butterworth Photography, Dottie Photography & Yummy Little Cakes)

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Issue 49: When It Was Just You

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