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Issue 49: When It Was Just You

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We all know that entertainment can make or break an evening wedding do! After a day of excitement, table wine and listening to speeches, kick starting the atmosphere to keep the party going can be no mean feat and is why your DJ choice has to be top notch. With this in mind, we get to know Nottingham based offering national coverage premium Disco and entertainment provider AppninDiscos #TenaciousDJs

Firstly, after the year that 2020 was, what are you looking forward to in 2021 for Appnin Discos #TenaciousDJs?

So in 2021 we are looking forward to being able to provide fabulous and safe entertainment to all of our clients particularly those whom have had to delay in 2020. We are looking forward to dealing on a more direct entertainer to client basis in order to provide a much more personal and memorable event.

Are there any extra services you provide above and beyond the DJ service?

Absolutely, apart from DJs and discos we offer a huge range of entertainment offers such as bands, saxophone players, Cossack type dancing groups, singers and specialist DJS covering all types of genres alongside vinyl playing DJs.

Can couples pick a playlist to be incorporated into your set and do you take requests from guests on the day?

Absolutely, it is standard for us to give this service and, at the same time, we always want to have a face to face meeting (even virtually) with our clients in order to discuss everything, we do not want to be simply the bod in the corner on the night; we want to part of the bride and grooms very special day.

What is your sure-fire song to get the guests up and dancing?

The list is endless and so to give one tune would be inadequate but, with a long history in providing entertainment, its actually the interaction and the experience of our quality DJ team alongside some phenomenal tunes that will bring the event together. Wedding

DJs have the reputation of being a bit cheesy, do you think you break this stereotype?

We have a long history and a good reputation, we can interact as little or as much as the bride and groom decide. Some DJs are not just cheesy but cringeworthy and we have been really careful with our structure and vetting alongside constant monitoring to ensure we don’t do cheesy. Quality Counts!

What sets you apart from other wedding DJs?

We looked at what was being offered and have shaped our business to provide timely and friendly communication, highly organised and responsive diary management with a set of standard easy to use forms with regards to playlists and booking information. We have contingency built into our offer and always have a spare DJ on retainer in order to cover should the unexpected happen, we are 4×4 equipped and can have our own version of rapid response ready at the drop of a hat. Apart from the admin side of things our quality DJs have years of experience, we value them as much as you do so hope by including the client we create a true team effort to ensure an event to remember.

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Issue 49: When It Was Just You

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