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Married at Mythe Barn {The Wedding of Lucy & Mike}


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Married at Mythe Barn {The Wedding of Lucy & Mike}

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Lucy & Mike didn’t focus on a particular style or theme when planning their wedding, they simply wanted everything to be relaxed and enjoyable. They found that their lovely venue, Mythe Barn was perfect just how it was.

Over to Lucy to tell you all about her big day…

“We got married at Mythe Barn, Warwickshire and we knew instantly it was the place for us. We had been to see numerous wedding venues around the Nottinghamshire area but we had not seen one we loved. They were all nice but there was something missing but as soon as we pulled up to Mythe Barn, it was so light and open with simple fairy lights and flowers round the open beams we just knew it was the place. The events team were so welcoming they made it so easy to fall in love with it.

The question of what style our wedding will be, people asked throughout the planning process and we would always laugh because we didn’t really have a style. We just wanted it to be relaxed, simple and for everyone to enjoy themselves.  A lot of the venues we looked at already had pictures on the walls and a lot of décor that would of been hard to match but Mythe Barn was perfect as it was.

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Our wedding invites were made by Feel Good Wedding Invitations and we found them by chance on Not on the High Street. We were able to personalise them and pick the colour scheme so they were perfect. They came so quickly and we were so pleased with them we decided to order place names rather than try to make our own.

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My good friend Sophie Crowder, founder of CakeArt, made our wedding cake and it was beautiful, more than we could of imagined. Again we wanted something simple maybe a ‘naked’ cake with cupcakes but that was it and Sophie came up with flavours and design and it was perfect. We settled on lemon, lime and blueberry and it was delicious.

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The flowers were created by The Garden Rose, who we found through the venue as they do many wedding at Mythe Barn so they were able to advise on what sort of arrangements suited the venue and had some lovely ideas.

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I think picking my dress was one of the most difficult aspects of the day. I had an idea in my head about what I definitely did not want and an idea about what I would like to try but I could not find it anywhere. I wanted something that was more ‘floaty’ and simple but all the dresses I tried on were very fitted and the total opposite.

When I arrived at The Dress Place in Nottingham, they knew instantly I was a bit downhearted about dress shopping and asked me to describe the venue, the day and what I thought I would wear. We went round the shop floor and picked out some dresses and then they asked if they could pick a dress out for me that I had not seen as they thought it would be worth considering and it turned out to be ‘the one’. It was everything I had pictured, they were amazing.

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Matt Horan was our wedding photographer and was amazing. We met him at a wedding event and he was just great, really friendly and full of advice as he had recently been married himself. His photographs were incredible and captured the day perfectly, we cannot stop looking at them and the wedding was last November! We have had so many compliments on them and highly recommend him to everyone.

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George Simpson played during the ceremony, reception and was joined by his band Maslow for the evening. A lot of people say they found the music choices hard but George was great, we picked 3 songs for the ceremony and he sang them beautifully. We first saw him at the same wedding fair we found our wedding photographer and did a bit of research online and on his website one of his demo songs was the one we wanted for our wedding song and not many people had heard of it so we knew he would be a great choice.

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Try not to get stressed about the little things, at the end of the day all that will matter is you and your groom everything else becomes insignificant. If things don’t go quite right on the day the only people that will know is you and to everyone else it will be a lovely day that they can celebrate with you. Enjoy every minute, it really will be the most amazing day.”

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Venue: Mythe Barn
Photograhy: Matt Horan
Dress: The Dress Place
Stationery: Feel Good Wedding Invitations
Cake: CakeArt
Entertainment: George Simpson
Flowers: The Garden Rose


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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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