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Love Knows No Boundaries {The Wedding of Alice & Rhys}


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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Love Knows No Boundaries {The Wedding of Alice & Rhys}

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Alice is English and Rhys is Welsh, they found inspiration from both cultures when planning their wedding and it worked perfectly! Alice and Rhy’s reception was shared with close friends and family at the impressive Swancar Farm.

Over to Alice to tell you more…

“We got married at St Patrick’s church in Nuthall in July last year. This was my childhood church where I used to sing as a little girl for other peoples weddings. A beautiful little church.

AliceandRhys003 AliceandRhys004 AliceandRhys006

My hairstylist was Donna Rhodes. She was fantastic. She was recommended by a friend after a not that positive hairstylist experience in town. Donna was like a breath of fresh air. She spent hours practising different styles before the day. Very relaxed and very professional. Amazing! She stayed to put my veil on and to put my bridesmaid dresses on.

AliceandRhys011 AliceandRhys012 AliceandRhys013 AliceandRhys030

We had all white flowers apart from the button hopes that were coral for ushers. The flowers were amazing. We ordered them from bees flowers in Kimberley, Nottingham. A very talented florist indeed! I would really recommend him.

AliceandRhys031 AliceandRhys035 AliceandRhys039 AliceandRhys052 AliceandRhys058 AliceandRhys060 AliceandRhys062 AliceandRhys065 AliceandRhys069 AliceandRhys072 AliceandRhys074  AliceandRhys083 AliceandRhys084 AliceandRhys094 AliceandRhys096 AliceandRhys104 AliceandRhys115 AliceandRhys136 AliceandRhys145 AliceandRhys146 AliceandRhys147 AliceandRhys150 AliceandRhys158 AliceandRhys160 AliceandRhys163 AliceandRhys170 AliceandRhys175 AliceandRhys196 AliceandRhys204 AliceandRhys255 AliceandRhys258 AliceandRhys259 AliceandRhys261 AliceandRhys263 AliceandRhys279 AliceandRhys281 AliceandRhys284 AliceandRhys291 AliceandRhys316 AliceandRhys318 AliceandRhys319 AliceandRhys329 AliceandRhys334 AliceandRhys342 AliceandRhys343 AliceandRhys347 AliceandRhys527

The venue we chose was Swancar Farm. It was  incredible. I can’t compliment them enough. Nothing was too much trouble. They made the day just like I wanted. They made myself and everyone of my guests feel special. We loved this venue because of the high beams and gorgeous outdoor sitting areas. The views were amazing. Even though we weren’t far from Nottingham city centre it felt like we were in the middle of the countryside.The wedding colour was coral, white and navy blue. I wanted the wedding to be elegant and fresh.


Family was very important to me and my husband. We had family photos up everywhere. It was a family affair with my best friends and mothers from both sides making bunting on my hen do. My maid of honour is a graphic designer so made all the signs and invitations. My dad made the name cards and we had photos of us in different countries around the world for table names. The tables were then placed on a large map as a sating plan.

AliceandRhys350 AliceandRhys351 AliceandRhys352

Matt Horan, our photographer was amazing. The best decision we made. He is such a creative photographer. We picked his details up at a wedding fayre in Nottingham and loved his natural and emotional shots. He captured moments from the day that we missed and would never have seen if it wasn’t for him. We also had his lovely wife too who also got some amazing pictures. It was great to have her as we got some pictures of us both getting ready on the morning, we really recommend having two photographers. They were kind, friendly and very professional. Sometimes we forgot he was there as he was so good at just blending in with our guests. Perfect!

AliceandRhys357 AliceandRhys361 AliceandRhys399 AliceandRhys402 AliceandRhys411 AliceandRhys426 AliceandRhys457 AliceandRhys459 AliceandRhys468 AliceandRhys469

The wedding also had elements of Wales and England as I am English and husband is Welsh. We had Welsh love spoons as our favours. A keep sake with the date and our initials engraved on them. We gave our parents large love spoons.

AliceandRhys470 AliceandRhys472 AliceandRhys473 AliceandRhys474 AliceandRhys475 AliceandRhys478 AliceandRhys481 AliceandRhys482 AliceandRhys483 AliceandRhys485  AliceandRhys487 AliceandRhys489  AliceandRhys491 AliceandRhys492 AliceandRhys505 AliceandRhys506 AliceandRhys515 AliceandRhys519 AliceandRhys526AliceandRhys533 AliceandRhys574 AliceandRhys611 AliceandRhys629 AliceandRhys632 AliceandRhys639 AliceandRhys645  AliceandRhys654 AliceandRhys663 AliceandRhys677 AliceandRhys682 AliceandRhys696 AliceandRhys700 AliceandRhys716 AliceandRhys736 AliceandRhys749 AliceandRhys753 AliceandRhys800 AliceandRhys801 AliceandRhys806 AliceandRhys809

The other idea that went down well was a boxful of flip flops. The girls loved to dance the night away so they went very fast.

AliceandRhys815 AliceandRhys820 AliceandRhys837 AliceandRhys842 AliceandRhys852 AliceandRhys853 AliceandRhys872 AliceandRhys875 AliceandRhys877

We used the band called The Modern Way from Brighton. They were fantastic. Everybody loved them. They got everyone up dancing all night.


We had the most magical day and wouldn’t have changed anything about the day.

My one advice would be enjoy every minute. Remember it is your wedding and to plan things that you and your husband will enjoy and everyone else who loves you will love it too. On the wedding day make sure you have a moment with your husband too as the day can get very busy. Once the day is there relax and enjoy. Take a step back from time to time to see how magical the day actually is. Everyone is there to celebrate your love for one another. A truly special and magical day.”

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Venue: Swancar Farm
Photography: Matt Horan
Hairstylist: Donna Rhodes
Entertainment: The Modern Way

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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