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Supplier Spotlight – Temprell


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Supplier Spotlight – Temprell

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We are pleased to announce that Temprell Jewellers, one of the finest jewellers in Nottingham have joined our magazine and directory.  So, what makes them one of the finest jewellers in Nottingham?  We hand you over to Temprell so you can find out a little bit more….




Who are you and what do you do?

Temprell are an independent, family run jewellers located in the heart of Nottingham city centre. As wedding specialists we carry a large collection of engagement rings and wedding bands for both gentlemen and ladies. Should you require a bespoke piece to commemorate the occasion, our team of jewellery professionals are available 7 days a week to create work that is truly unique to you. As well as being wedding specialists, we offer a range of other services including repairs, remodelling consultations and valuations.

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‘Creating, safeguarding and conserving the heirlooms of the future’ is how Temprell defines itself.

What do you feel makes your service stand out from the crowd?

What’s most unique about us is our large, in-house workshop which includes the latest CAD technology within the jewellery sector, as well as some of the most experienced jewellers in the area. Having this fantastic workshop allows us to specialise in the design, manufacture and retail of high quality bespoke jewellery whilst providing a unique and personal service. Furthermore, we have seven full-time jewellery professional’s all of whom are highly trained and have extensive diamond, design and manufacture-based knowledge, which we share with every customer giving them confidence and reassurance in what they’re purchasing.

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What are your predictions of trends in your industry for 2013/2014?

At the moment our range of contemporary silver and pearl pieces are becoming increasingly popular – the mixture of traditional materials and modern style really seems to appeal to people. Furthermore, for bridal jewellery pearls are always a go-to favourite. For the next year or so we expect this buying pattern to continue to increase, with contemporary silver jewellery becoming an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe.


Introducing a ‘Perfect Fit’:

With a variety of engagement rings available nowadays it can sometimes seem be a bit daunting when choosing your wedding band – particularly if your engagement ring doesn’t accommodate a straight band. Here’s a video demonstrating our ‘perfect fit’ procedure:

At Temprell there is always a trained assistant to help guide you through the various options and designs available in the fitted band market. Any ideas you may want to incorporate, or any technical information, is discussed at length to give you reassurance in what you’re purchasing. Furthermore Temprell offer the creation of a wax model of the ring, free of charge, allowing you to see and try before you buy. This model also allows a quick, accurate, no obligation quotation to be calculated whilst you wait. As the service is often completed the same day, you simply cannot go wrong!


Finally, what do you love the most about being involved in the wonderful world of weddings?

For us the most special part of being in the wedding industry is seeing a couple’s relationship develop. More often than not we see the couple from when they first get engaged to when they come to collect their wedding bands a few days before the event. It’s really lovely to see how happy people are and how they grow to be even closer, at some at the most romantic and magical points in their lives.


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Issue 46: And They Call It Puppy Love

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