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Introducing…. What Katy Does


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Introducing…. What Katy Does

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‘What Katy Does’ is a small wedding styling and inspiration company, ran by Kate Teofilo Sanchez. Kate is a wedding stylist consultant. Her job is to make your job of creating your perfect wedding easier  by offering advice, one to one meetings, and workshops to help you get through the often overwhelming sea of suppliers, ideas and styles, and themes.

Over to Kate to tell you all about her business in more detail…

Through one to one meetings and group workshops I teach couples how to confidently design and style their own weddings at an early stage in their wedding planning. By helping them to learn how to collate ideas and generate mood boards they will gain the confidence to go on to choose the right suppliers for their own real budgets and realistic timescales. My courses aim to bring together the design objectives of the very personal styles of each unique couple, so that that they can go on to confidently style their own wedding, whilst a more personal one to one meetings enable me to really get to know the couple and help me create a style guide and mood board bespoke to them.


Having designed weddings in marquees, tents, grand halls, gardens and in many different large country houses, I am able to teach couples how to pull their initial ideas together to form a cohesive style so that they can confidently go on to see their designs through to the big day, whatever the venue or uniqueness of the day.

I successfully ran ‘What Katy Does’ in the Devon and Somerset area for several years, advising couples and running workshops, but have recently moved to the Nottinghamshire area and would love to become part of the wedding industry here. I love working with like minded companies, and being able to help couples see the wealth of creative and trusted suppliers in the area, who would be able to help them achieve their design.




I feel that the service I offer at What Katy Does ‘differs from the crowd’ in that I am not a wedding planner, nor do I style your wedding for you. I am a wedding stylist consultant, I meet with couples to chat, finding out more about their personalities, their ideas for their wedding, the budget, the limitations and their dreams for the big day. From this I am able to help create a style guide or mood board that will help them focus their ideas, and to style their own wedding. I am on hand to help if they get stuck along the way, and always happy to advise or offer inspiration. My workshops, which ran successfully in Devon, are about teaching couples to ‘Handcraft and Style’ their own wedding. The workshops are great fun, and a lovely day to become inspired for your big day. They are held at beautiful local wedding venues, I teach brides, mother of the brides, bridesmaids, close friends and husbands to be about collating ideas, focusing their style and how to avoid making costly mistakes when choosing suppliers and services.




My trend predictions for 2015/16 is that we will see more unique weddings, and smaller more intimate gatherings, where the attention to detail will be become more and more important. More couples are in tune with what they want, with the rise of social media and numerous inspiration sights it will be easy to get lost in the amount of information, style options and wealth of very beautiful suppliers and hand made items to make your wedding day perfect. The bad news here is that it will also be easy to get lost in the hundreds of images, magazines and websites, not really knowing which ‘look’ is really you and what to commit too. Creating a perfect bespoke party to celebrate your wedding day is almost harder than the older style large mass wedding. I feel couples will need more help choosing from the great amount of lovely options out there, to help them really create the wedding of their dreams.


Gosh! I love lots about working in the wonderful world of weddings, as I have said before, there are so many beautiful options, and exquisite details that can be created for a wedding, I love being able to sift through these amazing images on a daily basis. Coupled with the fact that no two weddings are the same, I have a lovely job and never a dull moment. The thing I love most though is that I am given the opportunity to glimpse in on such a happy occasion and to work with happy people!




I am so excited to be launching my first workshop of the year, at the beautiful Manor Farm in Bleasby near Southwell, Nottingham.

The workshop is aimed at anyone who is a little overwhelmed and confused, with lots and lots of ideas, images, suppliers and style directions, but not sure how to put them together, or perhaps you have just begun collecting ideas and have no idea where to begin in designing your own wedding. During the workshop I help you to be focused with your ideas, aware of budgets, teach you to design your own mood board, and most importantly teach you how to be in control of your style direction. by teaching you how to clearly pull ideas together and visual concepts, it will enable you to express just the ‘look’ you want for your wedding and be able to direct suppliers, friends and family to helping you see your style through to your big day.

I love being able to hold my workshop at such a lovely venue, and can’t wait to begin. Please see www.whatkatydoes.com for full details of how to book

What Katy Does


Each workshop will be an intimate gathering of 10-15 people. The title of the day is ‘How to Handcraft and Style your own Wedding’ the day will run from 10 til 4, held a lovely local wedding venue, with tea, coffee, and light lunch included. I would like to invite couples, brides to be, and their mums, mother in laws or friends, anyone who is helping to create the couples perfect day to come and have a fun day learning how to collect inspiration, and focus their style, to create mood boards and a style guide, all of which will help to choose the right suppliers. I will be showing you where to find inspiration, work within your budget and how to get creative with ideas.


The course is aimed at anyone who is beginning the journey of designing and styling their own wedding but is overwhelmed about the amount of options, styles, ideas and images and are looking for some friendly help on how to pull it all together for the big day.

Kate xx

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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