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Introducing cazenove+loyd


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


Introducing cazenove+loyd

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In our supplier directory, we handpick and ensure that all of the companies that sign up offer excellent customer service and products. We are pleased to introduce to you a Cazenvove+Loyd who offer luxury tailor-made holidays for that very special, once in a lifetime honeymoon! Their destination knowledge is second to none and they create bespoke and unique experiences just for you. So, I now hand you over Cazenove+loyd to tell you a little bit more…


Service: many promise, few deliver.

“At cazenove+loyd we take service and knowledge very seriously. We call our travel consultants ‘destination experts’ for a very good reason: they truly are experts in their destinations. And only in those destinations.



The person you talk to at cazenove+loyd has been there and done that and we visit and repeat visit all of our destinations. And with 20 years of experience of delivering only the best, we know what we are talking about. We work as very distinct teams who individually and together really do know their stuff and have the time and the disposition to adapt their knowledge to each client.



An open mind while planning:

We need to talk to every client in detail about their likes and dislikes. Limitless knowledge is at the end of the telephone. Knowledge not just with personal experience of the destinations but also with the experience of working for clients day in day out planning and executing itineraries. (We are only as good as the last trip we have planned and every trip needs to be different to be as good as it can be).



We work with most clients by email and by telephone and have a proprietary software system which means that we can develop personalised web itineraries to be discussed and adapted in conversation. Ideally though we prefer clients to come to our London offices as we have all of our destination experts on hand as well as maps and brochures and personal photographs. We can also visit clients in their homes or offices in London as convenient.



Insisting on objectivity:

Most travel companies own lodges or buy ‘allocations’ of accommodation in advance. At c+l, we do not. We have our personal favourites but every itinerary is about the client first and matching them to the lodge or hotel or vice versa. A destination expert’s view of the best place will change in time but also in understanding a client’s preferences. One person’s heaven is another person’s hell. It’s obvious to us but, it is clear as day that you can only deliver an objective solution if your interests are aligned with those of the client.



Eye on the detail in the run up:

In conversation we will change and amend the planned trip in conversation with each client. And on confirmation, we do not leave the plan in stone. There are always small touches which can improve the detail. Some we may discuss but many we put in without a client even knowing.



We are always on hand to discuss changes which a client may want to make. Importantly also we are in day to day contact with trusted friends, guides and operators on the ground in each destination and we use current knowledge to tweak the detail of every trip both before departure and even during the trip.



In short:

No one person can be an expert in everything and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The internet makes us feel empowered but, in places where the situation changes from day to day, it is nothing more than a veneer and our destination experts know what is truth or fiction and can work around the realities. That’s why most of our business still comes through word of mouth.”

So, what are you waiting for! Get in touch with one of the destination experts and start planning your holiday of a lifetime!

Explore our cream of the crop suppliers


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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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