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Inspire Me – My Bunting


Inspire Me – My Bunting

Spring, summer, autumn, winter – bunting adds a lovely, creative effect to any wedding day, no matter what the season. And, here at Save the Date, we love anything which can be cheap and cheerful but also hugely effective – from floral patterns to nautical blue and white and all the colours of the rainbow to vintage, bunting is super cool. At my recent wedding, I decided one strip of bunting just wasn’t enough and therefore gave my nana the job of turning anything she no longer needed, fabric wise, clothing wise, whatever (!) into long strips of bunting. And boy did she go to town and I have to say, it looked fab and really set the theme of the day (English country garden style)

So, when we came across Lucy at ‘My Bunting‘ we were pretty excited. What a fabulous job, making bunting for all different types of occasions … so, we asked Lucy to share with you her love for all things bunting … over to the bunting queen ….

So, my name is Lucy and I love fabric!!! Any kind of fabric, any colour, any design! But I have found a great way to feed my addiction for fabric and that’s by making bunting…

I started ‘My Bunting‘ accidentally! My desk at work was looking a bit dull and boring, so I bought in some bunting I’d made for myself one rainy afternoon and hung it around my computer. It wasn’t long before it caught the eye of my colleague, who wanted some making for her engagement party and then I got another order and another order…

All my bunting is handmade and I spend a great deal of time and care over each piece. I love getting to know my customers and finding out what they want to use their bunting for and then trying to match the customer to the fabric – there’s always just the right fabric out there for them! It’s just a matter of searching and I’ll spend as long as it takes to make sure we’ve got it right.

I hate making the same bunting twice, so I always do my best to work with my customers to make something truly unique and original just for them. I’ll start them off with ideas and suggestions, but I get inspiration direct from my customers. I love the fact that my bunting could make their engagement or wedding party just that little bit more personal and feel privileged when I see my bunting decorating their special day.

Here are just a few images of the different styles of bunting I’ve turned my hand to recently:

Fancy a bit of personalised bunting for your special event or wedding? Then, you can get in touch with Lucy as follows:
My Bunting on Facebook
mybunting on Twitter

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