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Inspire Me – Green & Stock


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Inspire Me – Green & Stock

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Green & Stock provide bespoke hand made cake topper designs to achieve the perfect, unique centre-piece. Each topper is hand sculpted picking out the finest details to look just like you and therefore providing a great talking point at your wedding. They also have a variety of cakes available from the traditional fruit cake to yummy lemon sponge with citrus buttercream.

Save the Date had a chat with Jess Greenway of Green & Stock to find out more …

Why did you begin the business Green & Stock?

It all began last summer when a friend asked if I would make her dads 60th birthday cake. With her dad being a dog lover, I decided to create a comical looking cake with dogs hanging out of a car window. When I took the cake to the party, lots of people were commenting on the cake and how much they liked it – I received a few orders from the party and then went from there. Having attended a few wedding fayres including the NEC Wedding Show, I’ve received some great feedback and am getting busier and busier.

What’s the story behind the name Green & Stock?

My name is Jess Greenway and my partners surname is Stock so I just decided to make it quite personal and individual to us.

How long does it take to design a topper from start to finish?

Well, there are several stages when designing a topper and the whole process takes around two weeks. I make the body first then bake, I then make the clothes then bake again and finally, I make the face, the hair and any detail such as crystals or ski boots in one recent case! I then bake for a final time. My toppers are not edible as they are made of clay and this makes them much more durable – as long as they’re kept safe, they can last forever!

How do you make your toppers look so realistic?

I ask for a distinct description of whatever topper it is I am making, for example, if it is for a bride and groom, I will ask for the style of her dress, how she will be wearing her hair etc and I try to be as specific as possible. If possible, I like to work from photographs of people to make their topper look as much like them as I can.

Have you had any really challenging toppers to make!?

Well, I have been asked to design toppers for one couple who would like him to be a dragon and her as St George! That one will be a challenge but a lot of fun.

Prices start from £250 for a 3-tier fruit cake and £120 for a bride and groom topper.

To get in touch with Green & Stock, please call Jess on 0115 9401093, email or visit

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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