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I thee Wed – Victoria & Dan


I thee Wed – Victoria & Dan

Today we bring you a classic, elegant wedding with a movie twist!

All images courtesy of Red Square Photography. For further information on the talented Becki at Red Square Photography click here!

So, I will now hand you over to Victoria and Dan for their ‘big day’ story!

Firstly, where and when did you get married?
28th May 2011 at St. Martin’s Church in the village of Stubton, Lincolnshire. Then it was across the road to our reception at Stubton Hall.

What made you decide on your venue?
Well, we were actually driving back from a venue we’d checked out nearby. It hadn’t been for us, and we were joking that we were never going to find something that we instantly fell in love with when we saw what looked like an old stately house being renovated in the distance. A quick Google search and phone call later and we were wandering around a half-completed Stubton Hall wearing hard hats! Even then we could see it was going to be breathtaking. We didn’t need to say a word as we drove off, we both knew we’d found the perfect place.

What was is like choosing your dress and had you always had your heart set on that style?
The dress I chose was a strapless lace gown which went all the way to the floor. Having been together with Dan for a number of years before our engagement, I had had plenty of time to look through the different wedding magazines and select some possible styles for when the opportunity to have my special day came round. As it turned out – the styles that I had chosen were all very similar and when it came to finding the dress I decided to go to the wedding show at the NEC in Birmingham and hopefully find what I wanted.
When we arrived I charged my maids of honour with going off and finding the dress, having giving them a pretty exact description of what I wanted – figure hugging, strapless, floor length, medium train and above all classic and sophisticated. Within about an hour we had met up again having tried on a few dresses which were less to my taste and more for the fun of the day when the girls asked me to look at one they had found. Needless to say on the mannequin it looked exactly the style I had been envisaging. I tried it on and the girls and my mum were in tears and said that it was the dress for me, whilst I being the unconfident person that I can be, I tried to find some reason to dislike the image staring back at me in the mirror – however there wasn’t any chance of this and the tears came – yes, that was the dress for me.

Talk us through the theme and décor of the wedding The theme I wanted to convey for our wedding day was simple – classic elegance with lots of fun thrown into the mix. What more can I say – our wedding pictures say it all. Becki is the most wonderful kind and understanding person I could have ever hoped to have capturing the memories of our day – we could not have asked for better.
Our colour scheme was something that changed a bit initially but we went with olive and cream and it really worked so we were very happy with it. As for a theme, well we’re both movie freaks so we had to go with a film concept for each table. Narrowing down our favourite films to just 10 table names was one of the hardest things we had to do! Other than that we were really conscious that we wanted it to be a fun family day as we had a lot of young families attending as well as being a good party in the evening, so everything else was set up to just make it a really relaxed affair for everyone.
For the church service, we also had a string quartet playing and we requested that they play songs from our favourite movies whilst the guests were waiting for us to arrive and the day to begin – this went down very well as a lot of the songs- whilst everyone knew – weren’t initially obvious as they were being played with classical instruments – our guests loved it.

Anything quirky and creative we should know about your wedding?
[Over to Dan] I didn’t think we had the right look for the movie-themed table names and as Vicky had planned every detail of the day to the finite degree I wanted there to be a few nice surprises for her, so I asked a local artist friend of mine to come up with designs for each film. He put days and days of effort in, buying each film and watching it for all the key bits. When finished, the designs looked even better than I’d dare hope and so many people asked where we’d got it from. It was just one of those many little things that made the day perfect. He’d kill me if I didn’t give him a mention because he’s now keen to do the same for other couples and can be contacted through

For our evening entertainment, we wanted to have a band playing as well as the house DJ that was included in our package with Stubton. As such I went about gathering more current information on bands and compiling this with the information I had obtained through the years and eventually I came up with a list of possible artists which I then sent to Dan to look at. Dan being Dan made this part really enjoyable and turned the selection of the band into band date. By band date, I mean that as most wedding bands play a varied choice, they also all play some of the same songs. So, he played 2 or 3 songs by 5 of our final choices and didn’t tell me who we were listening to – I just had to give them a score. When I had done this the band who scored the highest were the band that we would go with.
As it turned out, I secretly had liked 2 of the bands the most but couldn’t choose between them. Doing band date helped with this and the band that I had but second on the list actually won the game so we went with them. Having now had the wedding I can confirm we definitely made the right choice, they were amazing! They are called the Mesh Band and are absolutely amazing performers!! They are more than worth the money and gave everyone of fantastic night of dancing playing music from 50’s- 00’s and they went down so well that 2 people have asked for their details to book them since then.


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