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I thee Wed – Sophie & Graham


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I thee Wed – Sophie & Graham

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Planning a DIY wedding?  Then make sure you check out today’s vintage, retro inspired wedding!  From giant tipi tents, lampshades, mismatching crockery, cocktails in jars, wild flowers and much, much more! Plus, they made everything themselves!

Where did you get married and what was it about the venue that sealed the deal?

My husband and I decided to get married in Stratford upon avon, it was pretty central in the country having family and friends north and south it was a good place for everyone to reach.

We wanted a relaxed atmosphere, bohemian style to our wedding, basically a big party(!) and loved the look of the giant tipi tents. We found a place called Talton Lodge just south of Stratford Upon Avon that had 2 giant tipis but also had individual yurts and cabins, plus a country house and barn as accommodation to use as part of your wedding. We also wanted a blank canvas to work with rather than being restricted by specific suppliers and ideas. This place was perfect and we got the last remaining date left for 2013.

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Describe your dress and how you came about finding ‘the one’?

 I looked online for vintage dress shops. I knew I wanted to wear a dress that had been worn before, a dress that’s already been filled with love and not something new and cold from the rail. I found a small vintage shop in York called Glory Days Vintage that has a small wedding dress boutique at the back. I took one of my oldest friends and when we arrived it was perfect. There’s a large rail of perfect vintage dresses from 1930’s onwards and Hayley Neil (the owner and seamstress) makes you a cuppa in perfect vintage china.

I tried on loads of dresses. I knew I did not want something too revealing or low cut and definitely not strapless, as that’s all you see nowadays! I found the perfect lace dress, it had a hooped petticoat and three quarter sleeves. I had it made a little smaller and had the back dropped slightly to a V. To me it was classy and suited the wedding style perfectly. I also had some white converse boots custom made with my wedding date on them for under the dress, as so many brides I know take their heels off during the day and I wanted to be comfortable and I wanted to be me! I also knew I was walking around in grass all day so heels would not have been a good choice.

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How would you describe the style of your wedding and what made you decide to go down that route?

We went for a vintage style to our wedding. We had afternoon tea party with mismatching crockery, a hog roast for dinner, vintage cocktails in jars, bunting, wild flowers etc. We just wanted a relaxed atmosphere and a big party. We did not need everything to run to exact timings or to spend money on expensive wedding suppliers. We have quite a vintage/retro style and just wanted it to suite who we are and not look like we were trying to be something we are not.


Collage-7 Collage-9 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_029 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_028 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_030 Collage-6 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_041 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_040 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_039Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_042 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_043 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_044 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_045 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_046
Talk us through the suppliers you used for your wedding, was there anything quirky of creative to inspire future brides?

 Suppliers……well…..that was us! We did pretty much everything ourselves! We created all our wedding invitations and stationary for the day. It’s very doable and means you get everything you want.

My Aunt made my wedding cake, we asked her for a certain style and then she created something to match the theme of the wedding perfectly. That was our wedding present from her. We went to second hand shops and car boots to collect vintage items like having hanging lampshades in the tipi, and using a large old picture frame for photographs. I made cocktails as our welcome drink in jars the night before and refrigerated them. Also I paid for 3 button holes and 2 bouquets but then we just went to a supermarket and spent £50 on flowers and arranged these like wild flowers in recycled jars and tins (our family had collected for us) for the tables and I also made 8 button holes for ushers using a little flower tape. We saved so much money doing everything ourselves and it was perfect for what we wanted.

Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_031Collage-10Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_053 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_050 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_051 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_059 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_061 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_062 Gra_and_soph_mark_newton_weddings_052

Any words of advise for future brides about planning your dream day?

 Try to do as much as you can yourself, it helps to build the excitement and makes it about the two of you, rather than hand everything out to suppliers that are ultimately just doing a job!

Make it so you can enjoy your day not stress.

Oh and walk down the aisle looking like you, not someone your ‘husband to be’ would not recognise!!

A big tip……wedding makeup……use people that work on cosmetics counters in department stores! They are so much cheaper (if not free – mine was!)

Mark Newton Wedding thoughts on the day….

Graham and Sophie had a great wedding to photograph. Getting married in Stratford-upon-Avon we had a lovely combination of the historic city centre for portraits before going back to Talton Lodge for a nice relaxed afternoon out in the sunny countryside. I often setup a photobooth area within a wedding venue but having a picture frame hanging outside provided a great opportunity to get individual portraits of the guests as the day progressed.






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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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