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I thee Wed – Sam & Tom


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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I thee Wed – Sam & Tom

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Here at Save the Date Magazine we are often working with the Carriage Hall and we just had to share this wedding with you! With a vintage country garden feel this wedding is truly something to admire…

Where did you get married and what was it about the venue that sealed the deal?

We made the decision to get married at the Carriage Hall in Plumtree very quickly and it was actually the first venue we visited. We simply fell in love with the look, feel and atmosphere of the place as it was just perfect for us. It was exactly what we were after in a venue – we wanted something that had a very relaxed and low key feel but obviously wanted something that also had the ‘wow’ factor and the Carriage Hall definitely had this for us.

Tom and I had slightly different tastes in venues when deciding on where to get married as I was looking for something with a rustic, country-cottage feel and Tom wanted something a little more ‘grandiose’ and the Carriage Hall ticked both of these boxes for us. Two key factors that also cemented the decision for us was how friendly, helpful and efficient Mel who works at the Carriage Hall was and also the fact that we didn’t have to share the venue with anyone else on our wedding day, as they only have space for one wedding at a time.

Mel was absolutely brilliant, as was Emily who helped out massively on the day and this was a huge factor in our decision to get married at the Carriage Hall – it is so important for any bride-to-be to feel as though they can ask the staff at the venue anything, no matter how small and silly those questions may seem; Mel definitely looked after me throughout the whole process and for me that was the most important thing.

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Describe your dress and how you came about finding ‘the one’

I came about finding my dress almost by chance. Because I was going down the vintage inspired route, I had in my mind that I wanted a pretty vintage lace dress so this was initially all I was looking for. I tried on quite a lot of lace dresses which were all lovely but none of them had the ‘wow’ factor I was hoping to find. My dress is by Stewart Parvin and I bought it from The Little White Dress where I was treated so wonderfully by Amy and Lucy every single time I went in the shop.

When I was picking the dresses to try on, I selected lots of lace ones and then spotted my one at the very end. It was the last one I tried on in the shop and I just fell in love with it. It was so different to anything I thought I wanted but at the same time was so perfectly my style that I don’t know how I hadn’t spotted it before. It had a 1950s ‘glamour’ feel about it which is an era I love anyway, so it just felt right and I loved it when it was on so I knew that this was the dress for me.  I also knew that Tom would really like me in this dress so that helped massively in making my decision.

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How would you describe the style of your wedding and what made you decide to go down that route?

If I had to describe the style of our wedding I would probably say that it was relaxed and low-key with a vintage, country-garden feel to it. The main thing for us was ensuring that our wedding felt unique and personal to us as we wanted our personality to shine through everything that we had included in the day. This was more important for us than ensuring that we had a ‘traditional’ wedding so we added lots of little quirky bits such as a vintage typewriter, bike, card case and bunting. We also had lovely vintage inspired table decorations and centre-pieces made by our amazing florist Jacqui with jam-jars dotted around which were used as tea-light holders.

Our tables were named after classic novels as I’m an English teacher so we picked our favourite books and we also had an old book used to hold our wedding rings in during the ceremony. To add to the relaxed tone but to also tie in with the vintage theme, we asked some of our guests to bake us cakes rather than having a traditional wedding cake and these were placed on a ‘sweet and cake’ table along with vintage china teapots, coffee pots, milk jugs etc. We preferred this as we wanted to create a ‘tea-party’ feel after the wedding breakfast and because we had a cheese tower rather than a wedding cake, we thought this would be a nice idea.

Another unique thing we did was provide all of our guests with a balloon each which were all let off together to form our whole-group photo. This was an idea given to us by Mel at the Carriage Hall (she understood what we wanted from the very beginning) and I thought this was a wonderful idea. Tom particularly liked this idea as he wanted the group shot to be more candid rather than staged and put together and our photographer captured this beautifully.


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One thing I feel most lucky about is having found such wonderful suppliers – a few were recommended by Mel at the Carriage Hall and the others we found ourselves but all were just wonderful! Our flowers and centre pieces were by Akito floral design and Jacqui was just amazing. We met up on a number of occasions and she completely understood what I was after and did everything perfectly. She paid so much attention to the small details and really captured the ‘country-garden’ feel we were after. Our photographer was Simon Dewey and his photography style is truly stunning.

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Talk us through the suppliers you used for your wedding – was there anything quirky or creative which will inspire future brides

The cheese was from The Cheese Shop in the flying horse arcade in Nottingham which was decorated with flowers from Jacqui. We also hired quite a few vintage pieces from All of our Yesterdays and All the Small Things – both Hazel and Marie were so helpful and their pieces brought the whole theme alive. Michele Gledhill made our table-plans, ceremony cards, provided the bunting and
provided lots of quirky bits that we’d hired from her such as the suit-case for the cards and the vases etc on the props table.

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To tie in with our theme, we had vintage-inspired cookies baked by Jess at Green and Stock to work as our favours and place names. These went down a treat with the guests and looked lovely on the tables.


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For us, music was a big part of the day so we had Ark Angel play for us throughout the ceremony, drinks and wedding breakfast and then had a band called The Food Doctors play in the evening who are friends with Tom’s dad. Finally, I had my hair done by James White and my make-up done by Ali Gunn – both of whom are truly talented in what they do and helped make the morning of the wedding feel so relaxed. I absolutely loved what they both did and they both understood the look I was after which really complimented and worked well with my dress.

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Any words of advice for future brides about planning your dream day?

I know this is something that lots of people say after they are married but the only piece of advice I would give is to enjoy every single moment and make sure that everything you do shows off your personality and the love you share for each other. Also, don’t over plan and allow yourself to get stressed out.

It is a truly magical day because it is YOUR wedding day and nothing can possibly spoil that. If anything goes wrong on the day, it will seem so insignificant because you’re marrying the person you love more than anyone in the world so just enjoy every moment of your special day.

The fab team involved in this wedding;

Photographer – Simon Dewey

Venue – The Carriage Hall

Dress – The Little White Dress

Flowers – Akito Floral Design

Cheese – The Cheese Shop

Vintage Pieces – All of our Yesterdays/ All The Small Things

Table plans, bunting & vintage props  – Michele Gledhill

Cookies – Green and Stock

Music – ARKangel/ The Food Doctors

Hair – James White Hair

Make Up – Ali Gunn

We hope you loved this wedding as much as we did! Keep checking back to our blog for more beautiful real weddings….

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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