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I thee Wed – Rachel & Andrew


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I thee Wed – Rachel & Andrew

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Today we hand you over to bride Rachel to tell you all about her big day at Norwood Park with Kathryn Edwards Photography.

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Where did you get married and what was it about the venue that sealed the deal?

We got married at Halam Church, Halam, Southwell, Nottinghamshire and then had drinks and nibbles followed by the Wedding breakfast and dancing at Norwood Park, Southwell.

We looked around Sutton Bonnington and Woodborough Halls’s and Cockliffe within a week of our engagement. Norwood’s unkempt rural Edwardian charm certainly sealed the deal.

The rooms are breath taking with divine views all around, and the ceiling in the breakfast room is dreamy. It was also big enough to hold the number of guests we wanted. Tracey seemed to know exactly what she was doing as well and was most prompt in here replies. A date was pencilled in before I had spoken with hubby. It was Andy that found it, and my sister mentioned it as a potential for hers as well, otherwise I would of by-passed.

I’m decisive it was a done deal before I looked around the others to be honest.

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Describe your dress and how you came about finding ‘the one’

I tried about 20 dresses on in the end! I thought I wanted a slinky Jenny Packham one but they just got bigger and bigger until I stumbled on an Ian Stuart one. The A line didn’t suit me so I found a designer day and just knew I would be leaving the shop with one of his dresses. I tried on about 10 of his dresses; you have to make the most of it! Ian Stuart Flower Bomb was perfect, massive quirky Ian Stuart but sophisticated enough for the ceremony. I dress quite quirky so it was perfect.

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How would you describe the style of your wedding and what made you decide to go down that route?

For people that know me they would say Rachel, very quirky and type-tastic. I personally would say botanical typewriter with some vintage romance.

At the time of booking the venue I was obsessed with my 1960s typewriter. I spent about two weeks on Pinterest and various blog sites with wedding and non wedding content (mainly USA) looking for related ideas around typewriters, 1960’s paraphernalia and also barber shop images from the Victorian ear. I got the1950s memo cards and old accounts ledger for the guest book from Etsy and borrowed my granddads pen holder.

It just snowballed. I Googled mini typewriters, found some so ordered them last February, found some Lakota paper on Etsy and made up the rest as I went along. My dad recommend a random antique shop north of Skegness so I went one day and bought some random bits like my telephone, the fire guard and a sewing box (used as a card box) . I knew I was going to use them I just didn’t know how. To be honest I pieced together the table plan in 5 minutes with no preparation or planning, I had some pegs lying around and popped to hobbeycraft and saw some garland and then just threw it all on to make it look like a giant clipboard- I got the clipboard off Ebay months ago but didn’t know what I was going to do with it. The other bits were on the same lines. Cost next to nothing and I did it all myself from my head.

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Talk us through the suppliers you used for your wedding from stationery to cake, flowers to cars, was there anything quirky or creative which will inspire future brides.

My Invitations were by U+U design in California. I read about them on a blog as they had a typewriter design. Due to shipping costs it was easier for me to pay for her to design a whole booklet from scratch and then me print. I worked with printers so one did it for free. U+U designed the Jam labels too. I printed and sourced the craft paper to match my theme and colours. The jam was made by my mum and I got the jars from M&S.


Kathryn Edwards is a brilliant photographer! She totally got my style; and was just a lovely person, very talented given she is self taught and not been doing it long. Her amazing engagement shoot sealed the deal. Her support was Matt Willis who again was wicked, l loved his outfit-very cool and very nice and they made a patient pair given my diva strops!

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Sophie’s Flower Company was amazing! I met her at one of Save the Date’s Wedding Event’s with a Difference! She gets my style and I love her and her beautiful shop full of floral delights and quirky trinkets. She got it spot on and answered all my crazy emails.

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2 the Church on Time provided my car to the church which is very ironic as he was 30 minutes late and I got there with one minute to spare. My chauffeur was a lovely guy in a world of his own and talked about his crocuses the whole way there!

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The Cake… I saw an image on Style Me Pretty and met Natalie from Yummy Little Cakes at the National Wedding Show. She happened to be from Arnold and was a lovely girl, so I knew she was the one. I gave her the picture and she made it perfectly. She even experimented with the pink and white layers with real cherries! The topper was part made by a lady off Ebay and the rest by me.

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Have you got any helpful advice for future brides?

Go for what you like and sod worrying about what others think. Don’t worry about not having a theme or a colour, just be decisive and don’t worry about having it all. You don’t need it. I feel that I didn’t spend enough time on me and spent more time on sourcing things! Sourcing is the best bit and I will do it over an over again! Conceptualising is great but I love it. Don’t let it stress you out.

 Oh and anything you buy in the last few days of panic you will not need! Oh and check you have bought open toe sandal tights! I woke my bridesmaid’s husband at 6.30 am to get some for me!

 Have fun and remember to kiss your fiancé every night.

The fab team involved in this wedding;

Venue – Norwood Park

Flowers – Sophie’s Flower Company

Dress – Ian Stewart

Cake – Yummy Little Cakes

Photography – Kathryn Edwards Photography

Silent Disco – Silent Noize

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Issue 46: And They Call It Puppy Love

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