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I thee Wed – Nicole and Alasdair


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


I thee Wed – Nicole and Alasdair

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For todays I thee Wed, we bring you the beautiful wedding of Nicole and Alasdair which took place in beautiful Jersey. Over to the lovely Nicole:

Firstly, where and when did you get married?

We got married in the beautiful castle ‘Mont Orgueil’ in Jersey…..the castle’s history goes back 500 years. If you want to get married in a real castle this is the one. We got married on 11 September 2010.

What made you decide on the venue?

For me, ‘Mont Orgueil Castle’ in Jersey is simply breathtaking; the atmosphere is unique and makes everything more special. When we were deciding on the venue we had no doubt it had to be one of Jersey’s beautiful castles. We went to ‘Mont Orgueil Castle’ one December day and we had no doubt it had to be there.

On the evening of the wedding day, the place looked even more beautiful. I have to say, the day we got married, everything came together and we loved our choice of venue.

What was it like choosing your dress and had you always had your heart set on the style?

This is my favourite question. Being a fashion designer I have been thinking of the dress, silhouette and the sort of look, years before I got married.  I have been sketching away many years before I finally got married (I have to admit). Furthermore, I have done lots of research and knew exactly what I wanted….with no question in my mind I now only had to find the beauty…

I wanted lots of little buttons down the back …..lovely embroidery on the bust part or something special on the top part…..lovely gathering in the waist and a spectacular tail and volume of the skirt I thought would be nice …..

I wanted to achieve a vintage look but contemporary and modern. I wanted a big flower with net instead of a veil. And now I only had to find a way to recreate the look! To find the dress and keep to the budget I had in mind, was more of a journey than the whole wedding itself!

I was so specific and with no room for any compromise so when the time came to buy the dress, I had honestly been looking everywhere….all magazines, all shops, the internet….everywhere….

The budget was £300 so I really did give myself a bit of a challenge here….the day came closer and with no more than four weeks to go, time was running out. But as I mentioned before, I was a fashion designer and buyer therefore my experience to find the perfect product in the last minute was something I got used to over the years. So I was far from stressed and I knew that the perfect dress will come at the right time.

Girls, remember if you are getting married in September…..dresses go on sale in August…..

So in the beginning of August, I went to another shop….(up until then, I had not even tried on one dress…I thought it was a waste of time to try something on that is not what I had in mind or something that is too expensive.)

I asked the shop assistant if she had a dress for around £300 and mmmm….she was laughing out loud! This was the most expensive shop I had been to and with my lousy £300 …..But then she looked at me and said “wait, we have reduced some!” Then, she showed me dresses for £1000 – £700 and I told her no, £300 is the budget so she was looking and looking then she had this two piece and it was £299. I looked at it and could not believe my eyes….I have to say I was very emotional when I saw the dress…..there it was and I knew it would be all along ….it can be done..

I tried it on and it was me…me…me….. written all over…  it was exactly what I was looking for and more (This was the only dress I had tried on…before making a purchase).

I will always remember that day, it was the most beautiful summer day and me having found the perfect dress…..I was buzzing when walking home, with a big smile.

Talk us through the theme and décor of the wedding:

For me, what was important was the overall experience and that everything was put together with love, care and attention to detail. I wanted all classic and a bit traditional….a vintage car, the castle…me in my little dress,..the church on the beach. My husband, very sweetly gave me a classic Tiffany bracelet after the church as a wedding gift.

My car was this beautiful 1939 Ford that took me to the church and afterwards, me and my husband to the castle. We wanted something with character and just charming. At the castle, we had lovely canapés and champagne waiting for our guests whilst they listened to a harp which was so gentle and also very in keeping with the medieval style of the castle.

Later, when we arrived, we had a falcon presentation which everybody really enjoyed. In the olden days, the King and Queen would have hunted with a falcon. (This was also done in a medieval style which I thought was perfectly fitting with the castle).

We have been told by many of our guests that the food was especially well served. I have to say, we spared no expense in the food choice….that’s where you can not keep a certain budget. For us, it was important to serve the best food available on the island.

Overall, we had a fabulous day and one that I will remember for many years to come.

A huge thank you from us at Save the Date to Nicole for her lovely and honest words and to Red Square Photography for the fabulous images.

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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