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I thee Wed – Meghan & Paul


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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I thee Wed – Meghan & Paul

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A romantic rustic winery charm, the day that Meghan brought a bit of Nappa Valley to the UK. Meghan & Paul met in Australia and well, lets just say the rest is history!

We now hand you over to Meghan to talk you through her wedding day.

Langle_Priory_Photography__0001 Langle_Priory_Photography__0002

Where did you get married and what was it about the venue that sealed the deal?

We got married at Breedon on the Hill followed by a reception at Langley Priory in Diseworth.  Paul & I had a very short window for viewing venues with me living in the states & him in the UK.  I came to visit him in December with 2 weeks holiday and I had a search for venues in Derby, but hardly any came up in my Google search.  I asked him to pick me up some local wedding magazines and that’s where I saw Langley Priory advertised in the Save the Date magazine.  We visited a few venues, but I really had my heart set on Langley just from viewing the pictures and speaking to Terri-Lee.  When we visited Langley that cold dreary day in December I knew it was the one!

It was not your typical venue as it’s their home that they open up to others.  Everything about Langley we fell in love with, from the exclusivity of it, the location, the picturesque surroundings and the lovelyTerri-Lee!  Being from the US, you don’t see old English estate homes like Langley and it was just breath taking!

Langle_Priory_Photography__0003 Langle_Priory_Photography__0004 Langle_Priory_Photography__0005 Langle_Priory_Photography__0006 Langle_Priory_Photography__0007 Langle_Priory_Photography__0009 Langle_Priory_Photography__0012 Langle_Priory_Photography__0013 Langle_Priory_Photography__0014 Langle_Priory_Photography__0015 Langle_Priory_Photography__0016 Langle_Priory_Photography__0017 Langle_Priory_Photography__0018 Langle_Priory_Photography__0019 Langle_Priory_Photography__0020 Langle_Priory_Photography__0021 Langle_Priory_Photography__0023 Langle_Priory_Photography__0024 Langle_Priory_Photography__0025 Langle_Priory_Photography__0026 Langle_Priory_Photography__0027 Langle_Priory_Photography__0028 Langle_Priory_Photography__0029 Langle_Priory_Photography__0030 Langle_Priory_Photography__0031 Langle_Priory_Photography__0032 Langle_Priory_Photography__0033 Langle_Priory_Photography__0035 Langle_Priory_Photography__0036


How would you describe the style of your wedding and what made you decide to go down that route? 

Our style was very laid back with a romantic rustic winery charm to it.  We really wanted everyone to feel relaxed and just enjoy the day.  I wanted to do something different that many haven’t seen in the UK; so I brought a bit of Nappa Valley to the UK.  I love wine country and the laid back romantic feel of it & I think we incorporated that well into our wedding.

Since I’m not from the UK, I wanted to combine some of my traditions and culture into the wedding like surprising the groom with a grooms cake & bringing a lot of the décor from the states.  In the south, its tradition for the bride to surprise her groom with a cake either being decorated in his favourite hobby, team or flavour in our case!  Our wedding was about merging two cultures & families into one and we really wanted our guests to feel the same in everything we did.



Langle_Priory_Photography__0037 Langle_Priory_Photography__0038 Langle_Priory_Photography__0039 Langle_Priory_Photography__0040 Langle_Priory_Photography__0041 Langle_Priory_Photography__0042 Langle_Priory_Photography__0044 Langle_Priory_Photography__0045

Describe your dress and how you came about finding ‘the one’?

I was really dreading dress shopping.   You watch shows like “Say yes to the dress” and you wonder am
I going to even find the right one, will I react like they did & how will I know it’s ‘the one’?   I had a lot
of fears going into it and I had an idea in my head what I wanted, but it turned out I went the complete
opposite of what I ‘dreamed’ of!  I knew I did NOT want lace or a ball gown dress that was for sure.

I found my dress in the states & it was the 2nd shop I went to.  I found a dress at the previous shop that
I thought could have been the one, but  I just wanted to see what else there was and thank goodness
I did!  It wasn’t until I tried it on that I knew it was ‘the one’.

I’m not one that cries easily, but when I walked out from the dressing room and saw myself in the
mirror I started to cry! This was the one that I saw myself walking down the aisle to say yes to the
love of my life.  Funny enough, it did have lace on it, the one thing I didn’t want!  And the lace was
imported from the UK  so it must have been a sign.  It isn’t your typical wedding dress; it has layers
of English lace embroidery and it’s a perfect blend of vintage romance, the embroidered “fringe”
creates playful movement for dancing  and celebration, and the heart shaped train and stunning
back details bring beauty to every angle.


Langle_Priory_Photography__0046 Langle_Priory_Photography__0047 Langle_Priory_Photography__0048 Langle_Priory_Photography__0050 Langle_Priory_Photography__0051 Langle_Priory_Photography__0052 Langle_Priory_Photography__0053 Langle_Priory_Photography__0054 Langle_Priory_Photography__0055 Langle_Priory_Photography__0056 Langle_Priory_Photography__0057 Langle_Priory_Photography__0058 Langle_Priory_Photography__0060 Langle_Priory_Photography__0061 Langle_Priory_Photography__0062 Langle_Priory_Photography__0064 Langle_Priory_Photography__0065 Langle_Priory_Photography__0066 Langle_Priory_Photography__0067


Talk us through the suppliers you used for your wedding from stationery to cake, flowers to cars – was there anything quirky or creative which will inspire future brides?

We chose our suppliers not only based on their work but their passion and personalities as well.  We found it important to pick suppliers that we got on well with as we would be spending a lot of time working with them for the next year.  All of our suppliers were amazing and we were glad to have had the chance to work with them!  We chose Angela Elliott in the states to do our stationary and we used where we met, visited and getting married as our theme for the invites!

Not everyone expects a British & an American to meet in Australia of all places so we decided to go with a map of the world with a heart starting in Australia & kept the vintage feel by the colours we chose.  We kept our theme consistent in everything we did from the Save the Dates, to the invites, to our Engagement shoot and all the décor & Colours we used.  Everyone loved our table arrangements of the bark covered vases & flower arrangements from Tineke Floral Designs 

We chose Darren Cresswell  as our photographer just for the mere fact that when he was showing us his work he became giddy like a child and had us laughing uncontrollably!  And that was the same for our engagement shoot and wedding day!  It was amazing what one man can capture in a day filled with 100 other people!  More isn’t always better.


Langle_Priory_Photography__0068 Langle_Priory_Photography__0069


We couldn’t decide on flavours for the cake so we went with 4 different flavours to suit everyone while skipping the pudding & just using our cake as the pudding!  The groom’s cake surprise was a big hit with everyone (not only the groom) as it was decorated in a similar fashion to the main wedding caking but it was a lemon drizzle with lemon curd filling topped with a “W” made out of corks by Green and Stock We chose Jess because not only were her cakes amazing but she had the most bubbly personality and you could tell that it was her passion! She like all other suppliers understood what we wanted and made it even better than we dreamed of!  I think that it’s important for brides to not always go with the cheapest, but meet with lots of different suppliers and you’ll find that if they are truly genuine they will work with your budget, so don’t be put off by their website ‘price list.’


Langle_Priory_Photography__0070 Langle_Priory_Photography__0071 Langle_Priory_Photography__0072 Langle_Priory_Photography__0073 Langle_Priory_Photography__0074 Langle_Priory_Photography__0075 Langle_Priory_Photography__0076 Langle_Priory_Photography__0077 Langle_Priory_Photography__0078 Langle_Priory_Photography__0079 Langle_Priory_Photography__0080 Langle_Priory_Photography__0081 Langle_Priory_Photography__0082 Langle_Priory_Photography__0084 Langle_Priory_Photography__0085


Darren recommended Paul Martyn for our “DJ”.  Which he was much more than just a DJ, he had our guests up signing with him and everyone up dancing! We had guests picking us both up dancing around-it was mad chaos but the most fun anyone has ever had a wedding!  A good DJ knows how to get the crowd up and party started.  We chose a mixture of music which is key that suits every age group.


Langle_Priory_Photography__0086 Langle_Priory_Photography__0087

We had a lot of amazing suppliers, but a bride should never skimp on a photographer or videographer as they truly capture your day.  It is one of the fastest days of your life and being able to go back and see what you missed is the best feeling.  We chose Gary at First Sight Videos  because they don’t just film 8 hours straight and not edit the video!  He combined our story into our wedding to make it a complete story for anyone that didn’t know us they would just from watching a 4 min teaser of our wedding.  We cried watching it after our honeymoon & commented that if we had to do it over again, we wouldn’t have done anything differently!

Langle_Priory_Photography__0090Langle_Priory_Photography__0092 Langle_Priory_Photography__0093 Langle_Priory_Photography__0094 Langle_Priory_Photography__0095 Langle_Priory_Photography__0096 Langle_Priory_Photography__0097 Langle_Priory_Photography__0098 Langle_Priory_Photography__0099


Any words of advice for future brides about planning your dream day?

If I had to offer any advice to future brides it would be to enjoy the planning stages of your wedding because it all goes by too fast.  Use each other’s strengths and weaknesses to avoid unneeded stress and really interview 3-4 suppliers in each category to find who fits with you the best.  Lastly, be true to  yourself and your love story & make the day about that and nothing more and you can’t go wrong.


MEGHAN AND PAUL from First Sight on Vimeo.


The fabulous team involved in Meghan & Pauls Wedding:

Photography –  Darren Cresswell Photography
Venue – Langley Priory
Cake – Green & Stock
Flowers – Tineke Floral Designs
Stationery – Angela Elliott
Hair – Alison Jenner
DJ – Paul Martyn
Videographer – First Sight Films

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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