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I thee Wed – Lorraine & James


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


I thee Wed – Lorraine & James

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Today we introduce a lovely wedding photographed by Jon Rouston Photography. Lorraine & James took a hearty DIY approach to their wedding as many people do nowadays to give it that little bit more of a personal touch and feel. From vintage dressing tables to more sweets than Willy Wonka heres Lorraine’s story.


Firstly, where and when did you get married?

We got married in the Regency Mansion, Normanby Hall on 2nd June 2012 at 2.30pm



What made you decide on your venue?

Normanby Hall was by far the best venue available within our budget; it was also convenient for us and our guests to have the ceremony and reception all in one venue. The grounds are beautiful and the venue couldn’t do enough to help make our day special to us. No set menus, minimum numbers, etc. Your day your way, which was definitely our motto!



What was it like choosing your dress and had you always had your heart set on that style?

I didn’t visit  many dress shops as I had already spent lots of time researching dresses I liked on the internet. I was immediately drawn to floaty skirts and lace bodices & loved Sassi Holford & Caroline Castigliano’s gowns. However, I finally decided on ‘Fiona’ by Lyn Ashworth. When I tried it on, it was a ‘Wow, this is definitely ‘the one!’ And best of all, Lyn’s dresses are made in England.



Talk us through the theme and decor of the wedding

The theme for our day was vintage inspired with no set colour scheme; we had a mixture of vintage style and genuine vintage props and furniture.



Anything quirky and creative we should know about your wedding?

Our main focal point for the wedding was the table plan. We decided to have a vintage dressing table set up with each item displaying the guests on that table. The dressing table itself was beautiful and was bought specially for the table plan (although we have since decided to keep it). All the items were designed and/or printed by ourselves.



Although sweet buffets are becoming very popular at weddings, ours was based on a vintage sweet shop, with old fashioned sweet shop style jars, bags and scoops. We designed our own labels and signs for it too.



Again, many people have photo booths at their wedding, ours was using our laptop and webcam using a great software package, Sparkbooth. Doing it this way meant we had all the photos on our laptop instantly; it even has the facility to upload them directly to Facebook or Flickr. We were also able to add a logo (which we designed ourselves) to the bottom of each photo.



We designed and printed all our own invitations in the style of a vintage postcard, telegrams for people to type on with our 1950’s typewriter.



We printed our simple place tags and hand stamped each one.



We even made all the bunting around our feature tables and the message board for the telegrams to go in.  We also built our own post box for our cards complete with 1950s letterbox!



We wanted to remember our grandparents who are sadly no longer with us by displaying our family wedding photographs. I was escorted down the aisle by both her father and mother.



One of our favourite parts of the day was when our eldest daughter Katie (5) performed a reading of the classic children’s book ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ at the end of our ceremony. The book is sentimental to us as it was a gift from our youngest daughter Jessica to Katie, when Jessica was born.


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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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