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I thee Wed – Lizz & Mitch


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I thee Wed – Lizz & Mitch

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Money isn’t the be all and end all of a good wedding. Take Lizz & Mitch here for example, they put a fun and quirky wedding together for next to nothing as far as wedding budgets go and it just looks fab! Lizz handmade a lot of the table decorations and little bits of pretty that you see in the pictures and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


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Firstly, where and when did you get married?


Mitch and I got married on 16th June 2012 at the Tudor Barn in Warsop.


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What made you decide on your venue?


Primarily cost! We had just had our little girl and we were focused on trying to save as much
as possible for her, and couldn’t quite justify spending a huge chunk of money. We set
ourselves a budget of as close to £2,000 as possible – and ended up only going slightly over.


I’d also kind of gone into the whole wedding planning thing a bit blind! I’d only ever been to
one wedding in my life, and literally had no idea what was expected of me, or anyone else.


When we began planning the wedding it was difficult to separate my dream wedding  from
what we could actually afford, but when I broke it down to basics and realized all I wanted
was to be married, everything else sort of fell into place.


To fall within our budget, we could either have a smaller wedding, or compromise on
everything else. I have a huge family and couldn’t imagine not having them there, so we compromised.


I realised that we couldn’t afford ANY of the venues I’d been looking at, so I started looking at church halls / village halls etc. I began sending out emails, and came up with 3 places that met all our requirements – allowing us to do our own catering, bring our own DJ, and had enough
space for 150 people.


I finally found the Tudor Barn, a church hall in Warsop, but also a big old listed barn. We
went to see it (the only venue we went to see!) and ended up booking both the hall and the church.


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What was it like choosing your dress and had you always had your heart set on that


Again – this was primarily budget based! I went to a few bridal shops but they weren’t super helpful with the budget I was working with. I found a beautiful dress in a second hand bridal shop, but even second hand it was half of our budget! I ended up scouring eBay for months before the wedding, until I finally found the dress I had tried on for sale, and won it for £100.


I found an amazing seamstress who made all the adjustments for me, and changed the back
from a zip to a corset.


I am not normally a “poofy dress” kinda girl, but wearing the huge white dress made me feel
like a bride. It was the only one that made my mum cry so that was it!


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Talk us through the theme and décor of your wedding


The theme was a bit of a mish-mash of things that made me smile, and things I thought were pretty. There were owls, penguins, sparkles, balloons and fairy lights galore. A bit like a kids birthday party but hopefully (a little?) more grown up!


I knew that our budget wouldn’t allow for huge amounts of flowers or chair covers, so I
needed to get crafty!


To start with I designed the save the dates, invitations, and order of service’s myself. That allowed me to add penguins / owls and silly quotes to make people smile! I printed some
myself, but mostly used local printers.


I made about 300 paper cranes – I intended to make more but ran out of time! Some were
with origami paper, but a lot were using wallpaper samples or wrapping paper. These were scatted around the hall, and some were threaded up from the ceiling.


I bought tons of battery-operated fairy lights and tealights from £1 shops and IKEAs, and borrowed fairy lights of various family members. I wrapped the tealights in ribbon to tie in
with the red theme. I made felt roses for the table decorations, and to cover the battery packs
for the fairy lights! The felt roses looked great, but I burned my finger tips making them all!


From eBay I bought rose petals, balloons, helium, bubbles and ribbon. I roped lots of people
into helping me blow balloons up the evening before the wedding, and setting the tables up
with all my origami!


My mum made miles of bunting to decorate the rooms – all with fabric bought on eBay. She
also hemmed about 30 bedsheets to make table cloths!


I then just bought bits and pieces I saw before the wedding – Valentines day and Christmas
were really helpful for red decorations!


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Anything quirky and creative we should know about your wedding?


I was the only person to do a speech! My other half is a little shy, and just did not feel comfortable giving a speech at all. I could talk for England, so relished the opportunity to have a chat with people.


We also knew that our day would not be conventional, and I didn’t particularly want lots of formalities with timings etc., so we went with the flow and just tried to have a relaxed day. Having Alice there (she was just over 1) meant we couldn’t plan for perfection, so we just
planned for having a nice time. One of Mitch’s closest friends was the DJ, and all our friends helped out with decoration or food etc. The wedding ended with everyone dancing wearing
fairy lights, so I can only take that as a good thing.


My best friend also read from Lord of the Rings as part of the ceremony. I’d originally tried to persuade my husband that we should have a Tolkein themed wedding but he wasn’t


It also rained the entire day! I’d provisionally booked a bouncy castle and a BBQ for the day,
but cancelled them the week before when it predicted (correctly!) torrential rain.


The one thing I’m so glad (and infinitely relieved) that we did, was hire a photographer. I
naively thought that people would take pictures, and we’d just have some I could blitz a bit in
Photoshop. I think people took maybe 80 pictures between them? Perhaps 10 of those usable?


But when we got our professional photos back they just blew our mind. They were incredible. They captured moments that I could barely remember from the day. They conveyed the
emotion, and the weather, and the people, and the love from everyone there better than I
could have ever expected.


Every thing else had gone by in a whirlwind, but our photos were there to remind me of every second, of every feeling, and of everybody. They were literally worth their weight in gold.


It probably helped that our photographer was incredible and just the loveliest person ever!
We used the lovely Kate at Lucabella Photography, who is not only an amazing photographer, but just an all round amazing person. She was a great influence on our day, and I literally cannot recommend her enough. I don’t want to sound like I’m gushing but use her!


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VenueSt. Peter and St. Pauls Church, Church Warsop, with the reception in the Tudor Barn

FlowersLilli’bet Floral Design

Photographer – Kate at Lucabella Photography.


Dress Alterations – Shirley at Bridal Belles.

SuitsYoungs Hire

Bridesmaid DressesDebenhams

Flowergirl DressesZara for the dresses and Next for the cardigans.


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Issue 48: When It Was Just You

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