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I thee Wed – Leah & Jon


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I thee Wed – Leah & Jon

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Today we hand you over to Photographer Pete Henderson to fill you in on all the details of Leah & Jon’s fab city chic Nottingham wedding! 

Leah and Jon’s wedding was held across two venues that are at the very heart of the city of Nottingham. The ceremony was at the beautiful and grand St Mary’s Church in the lace market. The decision to be wed at the church was an easy one for them. As singers in the choir, they have a strong connection to St Mary’s and the people there. The choir were in full and impressive voice at the church before the wedding (minus Leah and Jon of course, who were kind of busy). Singing is obviously a big part of their lives, and having their choir there on their wedding day must have been extra special for them.

pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-001 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-002  pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-004 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-005 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-006 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-007 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-008 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-009 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-010 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-011 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-012 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-013 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-014  pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-016 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-017 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-018 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-019 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-020 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-021

From the Church Leah and Jon took the short 5 minute walk in the beautiful spring sunshine to their reception venue at Nottingham Council House. The walk through the city was great, seeing the smiles on shoppers faces as their saw the happy couple. The wedding was the first to have a reception at the Council House, and it’s such a great venue for it. Having grown up in Nottinghamshire it was a real honour to photograph the first wedding reception to be held at such an iconic venue in the city.

pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-022 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-024 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-025 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-026 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-027 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-028 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-029 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-030 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-031 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-032 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-033 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-034

Although they both now live in Nottingham, Leah and her family are from Wales. This led to two brilliant moments during the speeches; the first from Leah’s dad who spoke welsh for part of the speech and presented Jon with a ‘welcome to the family’ gift of a Welsh rugby shirt, much to the joy of the Welsh in the audience! The second was a sweet moment when during Jon’s speech he spoke a line of welsh to Leah that he had lovingly learnt how to say.

pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-035 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-036 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-037 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-038 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-039 pete-henderson-nottingham-wedding-040

The fab team involved in this wedding!

Flowers – Naomi Strachan

Dress – Beautiful Brides, Nottingham

Venue – St Mary’s Church/Nottingham Council House

Photographer – Pete Henderson

Rings – Temprell

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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