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I thee Wed – Jenni & Matt


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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I thee Wed – Jenni & Matt

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Today we bring you the timeless wedding of Jenni & Matt who’s dreams came true when they got married in the Sorrento Sun!

Where did you get married and what was it about the venue that sealed the deal?

It was the day to visit the travel agents to book our honeymoon, we had decided on Rome as it was a place in the world we had always wanted to visit and throughout our 10 year relationship we never booked tickets to go as we were waiting for a really special occasion. I don’t know what made me ask the travel agent as we were discussing Italy and our honeymoon options ‘do you book many weddings in Italy’ but I will always be thankful that I did.

The venues we chose for the day were recommended to us by our wedding coordinator in Italy. The ceremony was held at The Cloisters of San Francesco in Sorrento. This was the courtyard of an old medieval monastery, with a beautiful crooked tree in the middle and flowers all around. We then had drinks and canapés in the citrus garden and terrace of a hotel called The Grand Hotel La Favorita. The main venue was called The Relais Blu Hotel and was situated about 30 minutes out of Sorrento on the edge of a cliff overlooking Capri.

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How would you describe the style of you wedding and what made you decide to go down that route?

I wouldn’t say that our wedding had a specific ‘theme’ or ‘style’. All I knew was that I didn’t want to look back at my wedding photos in 20 years time and think…what was I thinking!! Following fashion’s for your wedding could potentially mean a dated and somewhat embarrassing wedding album in the future. So I decided I just wanted it to be timeless. My dress was lace and simple, my bridesmaids wore lace and a very neutral colour, the men wore black and white suites and my flowers were white. After just writing this I know it may sound like the wedding was dull and void of character but when you have stunning venues as your back drop going overboard with the accessories and colours I think would have been too much, and no matter how simple you keep things a woman in a wedding dress and a man in his wedding suit is never going to look dull and boring.

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Describe your dress and how you came about finding ‘the one’?

A bit like the venue for the wedding, I also thought I had exactly in mind what I wanted. But after trying on 20 dresses in this style and not having the ‘wow’ moment in one of them I was starting to feel deflated. I was out shopping trying on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd dress when my little brother pulled a dress off the rack and said ‘what about this one’. I instantly dismissed the dress as exactly what I wasn’t looking for, it had a fish tale element to it, it was lace and it had straps. He said ‘what’s the harm in trying, you’ve tried every other dress on’ so to humour him and also prove a point that I was right and he was wrong…

I tried the dress on. I walked out of the changing room having not looked in the mirror and said ‘see, its not right’. He tucked the straps in for me and said ‘its the one, go and look’ and so I did…cue ‘wow’ moment, my mother crying and I was in love…with a lace dress, with a fish tale element and everything I didn’t want.  
What was really great about the dress was the fact it was the best of two worlds. It was a lace fish tale dress that was very fitted but from the waist it had a lace see through bottom which spread out into a long beautiful train. As you looked at the dress it was a very traditional shape but was unusual because you could see a tight fitting fish tale dress underneath as light filtered through the lace skirt.

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Talk us through the suppliers you used for your wedding from stationary to cake, flowers to cars – was there anything quirky or creative which will inspire future brides?

The suppliers I used for the wedding were recommended to me through my wedding coordinator in Italy. Everything from the flowers, the string quartet, wedding cars, cake and stationary were handled by the co-ordinators. All I had to do was tell them what I wanted, tick a box on a list they supplied me with and all was set. This in itself should be inspiration to future brides…getting married abroad meant that all of the organising was done by coordinators who were very professional and accommodating, all I had to do was send some emails and I got exactly what I wanted.

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I wouldn’t say there was anything quirky about the wedding, although what our guests did say was unusual was the fact we danced our first dance, of course everyone ‘dances’ their first dance…let me explain. We had chosen our song and thought about that awkward moment as we sway side to side, round and round for two and a half minutes, so joked about how it would be funny to do a ‘routine’, however our song was Etta James – At Last and doing a funny routine to this would be very difficult. So we decided to do a proper traditional wedding dance, to go to dance lessons for 18 months and surprise all our guests with a Viennese Waltz. There was a huge cheer and a lot of ‘whooping’ as we took our bow at the end, with a chorus of ‘7’s’ and ‘8’s’ as final scores! Turns out non of our guests had seen a couple dance a traditional waltz at their wedding and were impressed and very much enjoyed it.

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Any words of advice for future brides about planning your dream day?

I can only say what things I am very glad happened at our wedding and things that I wouldn’t change for the world. Three particularly stand out in my mind. First of all surround yourselves on your special day with those people closest to you and who love you the most.

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Secondly, don’t stress about the little things, or things going wrong, easier said than done I know. It is mostly true that every bride before her big day organises in finite detail every second within an inch of its life, therefore once the big day arrives don’t worry, what will be will be and there is nothing you can do about it on the day. All these things, these little hiccups are all the things you will laugh about after the big day and believe me they are things you wouldn’t change, even if before the wedding you swore on everything that was dear to you that if that did happened you would stab someone with a fork. 
Lastly my advice would be to not scrimp on your photographer, be choosy and find the perfect one for you, who understands you as a couple and exactly what you want from your day.

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We thoroughly enjoyed flicking through Jenni & Matt’s wedding photos, they’re stunning. Are you now thinking of having your wedding abroad? Let us know!

With thanks to Darren Cresswell. photography for sharing this beautiful, elegant wedding with us.  Darren will also be exhibiting at the Wedding Event with a Difference on Sunday 13th October, so make sure you pop along and say hi!



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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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