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I thee Wed – Elouise and Chris


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


I thee Wed – Elouise and Chris

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Today’s real wedding has a lovely twist and is brimming with brilliant advice and tips from the lovely bride. Elouise … take it away:

Firstly, where and when did you get married? 

We got married Friday 8th July 2011 at Woodborough Hall in Nottinghamshire. We wanted somewhere intimate and private where we could hold both the ceremony and reception.

What made you decide on your venue? 

After lots and lots of research online we went to view 3 venues in Nottingham, Woodborough Hall being the last. Coming up the driveway I was already thinking how perfect this venue was. We both fell in love with the hall; it was intimate, beautiful and had gorgeous grounds with a field of horses next door and rabbits hoping over the lawn. The inside was just a gorgeous as outside and I remember on another trip (after we’d booked it) looking inside the rather large ladies bathroom (complete with chaise lounge) and thinking “Wow we’re actually getting married here!”

What was it like choosing your dress and had you always had your heart set on that style? 

I went dress shopping with my mum about 10 months before the big day and we went in every dress shop in Nottingham – I’d tried on so many dresses from pink meringues to one that looked like a nightie – I’d lost count and was getting tired and convinced I’d never find anything! Finally we arrived at Karoleanne Bridal where I tried on just one dress, the dress I ended up buying. When I got home that night I started to panic that in my tired state I’d picked it just because I hadn’t liked anything else, so I went back the next day refreshed to try it on again – and it really was THE DRESS! It was made of chiffon so still had that nice floaty quality, it had crystal detail down one side and a puddle train, which I fell in love with!

As you’ll see when reading below, I got to wear two dresses! My other dress was a gorgeous Grecian style teal dress from Kaliko. This is much more the style I originally thought I wanted for a wedding dress, so I love the fact that I got that style in there somewhere. And best of all, unlike my wedding dress, I can wear this dress again!

Talk us through the theme and decor of the wedding: 

Chris’ favorite colour is green and mine is blue – so we combined the 2 and went for a teal colour scheme. My favorite flowers are calla lilies so I always knew what flowers I’d have. We didn’t pick a specific theme as such for our wedding, but instead tried to add little personal touches here and there to make the day truly ours.

Anything quirky and creative we should know about your wedding?

The biggest ‘quirk’ about our wedding day was that we had our sit down meal before our wedding! We’d always talked about how we loved the idea of a really small intimate meal, but this presented us with a dilemma as we still really wanted our friends and family there to witness us marry. So…I had a brain wave – why not have the intimate meal first and then our friends and family could join us later for the ceremony?! So that’s what we did! At lunchtime I sat down (In my other gorgeous dress – we’d both agreed that the first time Chris saw me in my wedding dress should be when I walked down the aisle) with my soon to be husband, our parents, siblings and bridal party to eat a gorgeous 3 course meal – and with a chef who used to work at Buckingham Palace the food at Woodborough Hall was amazing! We then had a break for a few hours where Chris and I parted ways and I got ready for our ceremony – the break went very fast and before I new it I was in my wedding dress about to get married and trying very hard not to cry! I walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of ‘Everlong’ by the Foo Fighters, both our dads read poems and we both wrote personal vows. The start of the day was certainly different and very untraditional, but it suited us perfectly and was everything we wanted for our special day.

Both of us are self-confessed geeks and we really wanted to put our personality into the wedding. We handmade the name cards for the meal and each guest had their own superhero/super-villain alter ego! I also had a personalized cake topper made where the groom was wearing a Spider-man costume under his suit – this was a surprise for Chris and he loved it! Music is another big thing for us so we spent a lot of time compiling playlists for the meal, bar area and evening reception full of all our favorite songs – our first dance was ‘Starlight’ and we had a ‘rock/indie’ hour which showcased our favorite genre of music.

It was raining on and off throughout the day and just before I was about to walk down the aisle it absolutely chucked it down. Seriously heavy rain, complete with thunderstorm – we even got a rumble of thunder when we said our vows! Before the big day I was really worried about the weather and not being able to have photos outside, but Hannah and Ben from HBA Photography were fantastic at utilizing the venue and we are so happy with our professional photos.

The day was full of tears (mainly from my dad!) love and laughter and thanks to the summer rain we got a lovely rainbow to top off an amazing day!

Well then, doesn’t that show just perfectly how, come rain or shine, you will have the best day of your life. A huge thank you to Elouise for her lovely words and to HBA Photography for the stunning images.

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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