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I thee wed – Ben & Jen


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I thee wed – Ben & Jen

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Between Christmas and New Year, I was a guest at my cousin Ben’s wedding day to his gorgeous bride, Jen. The whole day was like a complete winter wonderland and Jen had done such an incredible job of transforming the venue into a cosy, wintry sanctuary full of flickering candles, warming log fires and twinkling decor.


It was lovely to see that Jen had used so many suppliers who we at Save the Date recommend and they all did a fantastic job of helping Ben and Jen create the picture perfect, winter wonderland wedding day.


So, without further ado, here’s Jen to tell us all about her special day:




Where did you get married and what was it about the venue that sealed the deal?


We got married on 28th December 2012 at Goosedale, Papplewick, Nottingham. From the day Ben proposed I was ever so excited to start planning our special day and so didn’t waste any time, I quickly got looking for venues to hold our special day and Goosedale just seemed to stand out from the rest.


We both loved the venue from the lovely driveway to the big crystal chandeliers , open brickwork, high ceilings and beams, the venue was just perfect we found it very modern and unique. We both had different thoughts on how we wanted our wedding day to be, Ben wanted to keep it small and intimate he wanted us to get married abroad, however I wanted the Big special day in my home town with all family and close friends so we kept numbers to a minimum and together started to plan our day.


Goosedale-wedding06 Goosedale-wedding08 Goosedale-wedding14


How would you describe the style of your wedding and what made you decide to go down that route?


Ben proposed on Christmas day 2012, this was very special to me as Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Ben was aware of this and so he made it very special and wrapped my engagement ring within one of my lovely Christmas presents. I was over the moon – the best Christmas day ever!! Once we were engaged and started to think, talk and plan our day it felt certain we should set our wedding date around Christmas as it was personal to me and Ben as a couple. Once we decided on 28th December, I thought fab, I can make it all wintry, sparkly & elegant – so that’s just what I did.


Goosedale-wedding18 Goosedale-wedding19 Goosedale-wedding22


Describe your dress and how you came about finding ‘the one’?


I had no idea what style, colour or type of dress I wanted…When speaking to people I’d heard them say ‘you just know when you find the one’. I hoped it would be that easy. Me and my friend went into Berketex Brides in Nottingham and a lovely lady greeted me and together we collected some styles which caught my eye so tried on what felt like 100 different dresses, different styles & lengths. I left feeling unsure on what I really wanted and so went back a few days later with my mum and aunty.


Again I tried on at least 10. I was just getting dressed to leave again when my aunty shouted ‘Jen please just try this one on its stunning’ I pulled back the curtain and there it was, hung on a railing in front of me … how did I not spot it before now ? It was gorgeous; so plain yet so elegant with the shoulder detail being the main focal point of the dress. I just loved it… even before it was done up, I just knew it was ‘the one’ for me. I felt amazing in it. It was a real perfect dress for my figure: Ronald Joyce – Savannah.


Goosedale-wedding24 Goosedale-wedding25 Goosedale-wedding26 Goosedale-wedding30 Goosedale-wedding33 Goosedale-wedding39


Talk us through the suppliers you used for your wedding from stationery to cake, flowers to cars – was there anything quirky or creative which will inspire future brides


Firstly I want to say just how important each and every one of my suppliers were to us, without them the day wouldn’t have been as perfect as it was:


Our Photographer Jon Dennis @ S6 photography was simply amazing, he made me smile and eased my worry from the moment he arrived. He captured things I didn’t even see on the day with his stylish contemporary way of capturing the day as it unfolded, telling a story without words. Since having our pictures back lots of friends and family have commented on how they have never seen pictures like it!


Our stationary created by Dominique @ Espouse really helped to create the wintry look I wanted for the day; she did a lovely job of the invites, table plans, menus, table numbers, post box, signs, guest book – all fabulously finished on glittery silver card, with diamante pearl brooches and silver ribbon. Dom was happy to give her all helping to set the venue up the day before and for all this I am thankful !


My cake ……I couldn’t have chosen a better lady for the job than Natalie @ Yummy little cakes. When i gave her my idea she was so excited and that was such a lovely feeling. I knew there and then she would create a masterpiece and it definitely was. A stunning cake 3 tiers in ivory with the top and bottom tier all butter creamed to create ruffles to match in with my dress, around the cake was a gingham ribbon red and white which made it look quite wintry, on top was a gingerbread Groom & Bride!!


Natalie even iced the bride and groom to make them as alike to our outfits on the day as possible; she matched up Ben’s tie colour, and the brides dress had a ruffle over the shoulder just like my wedding dress! We also had gingerbread favours tied with little ‘eat me’ tags. Natalie helped to arrange cupcakes on the day which my mother in law had made and nothing was too much trouble. Everyone commented on the cake & said how yummy it was .


When looking for a florist, I looked on save the date website and came across Floral Deco so I got in touch with Rebecca and I was so glad I did. She invited me over to her lovely house and we started to plan what my flowers were going to be. I knew nothing about flowers and most ideas I was suggesting were flowers which were only around in summer which of course was useless to us !


Rebecca has such talent and I knew i could leave it to her expertise and I would have the most gorgeous bouquet and that’s exactly what I got. Colours were fuchsia purples to match in with my 3 bridesmaids dresses. My bouquet was packed with deep red ranunculus, red purple lisianthus, deep red roses, purple tulips, silver berries, grey pine cones and white silvery foliage – a real wintry bouquet which was tied with ivory ribbon bow. Rebecca also handmade my flower girl a gorgeous heart wand with a rose along with beautiful button holes for the men and corsages for the mums!


Goosedale-wedding41 Goosedale-wedding42 Goosedale-wedding43 Goosedale-wedding47


My car was a stunning Mercedes which was driven by Phil @ Lafbery’s wedding car hire. Phil was fabulous, a real caring guy who made sure everything went to plan and ran on time. There had been heavy rain leading up to our wedding day and so we knew some routes weren’t accessible, Phil went to check routes out before the day to make sure he took us the best way possible. Phil offered to pick us up after the reception and take us to our hotel – this was lovely as it was a nice comfy ride at the end of a busy day ! The best chauffeur.


Our decor on the day was a mixture of bits sourced by myself and others a lady called Vickie @ Elegance chair covers. Vickie made the venue look lovely with chair covers and platinum silver sashes, candelabras on tables and diamond table scatter to give the table a bit of glitz. Also, lots of tea lights to add atmospheric candlelight. Vickie and her husband came to help set up the day before and did a grand job of everything they did for us.


Just Ben provided the entertainment – what a guy ! Ben did a great job of the ceremony music, toast mastering , music while we were all eating & live entertainment in the evening. I would truly recommend Ben to future brides he has a fab sense of humour and makes a lovely atmosphere just by being a part of your day!


Our sweetie table was created by the lovely Eloise @ Gracella occasions. Eloise made the sweetie table look pretty, matched in with our theme by adding snowflake pom poms and lots of lovely sweets. She has a real eye for decor and she made the table look lovely; there wasn’t a sweet in sight by the end of the night. Eloise also hires all things vintage for weddings etc.


Goosedale-wedding48 Goosedale-wedding50 Goosedale-wedding51 Goosedale-wedding54 Goosedale-wedding55 Goosedale-wedding57 Goosedale-wedding58 Goosedale-wedding59


Any words of advice for future brides about planning your dream day?


My advice to future brides would be to enjoy the whole experience from the planning to the day itself. It goes so fast and I know it’s so easy to let things stress you out or get on top of you but your day will be perfect in every way. Make sure you take time choosing the right suppliers, sometimes it’s worth spending a little bit more and getting the best of the best – you only get one shot. Also it’s nice to put your own stamp onto your day and do things which reflect you as a couple.


I worried too much when I didn’t need to, I worried about the weather and spent the last week leading up to the day constantly checking the weather forecast but even though it was torrential rain on the morning of our wedding day, I bizarrely didn’t care- I was just so happy it was our wedding day. People said to me enjoy your day take a moment to step back and take it all in – honestly do it because it is here and gone in the blink of an eye. All the best !


Photographer – Jon

Flowers – Rebecca

Candleabra & chair covers – Vickie


Cake – Natalie

Make Up by Leona Seymour –

Stationary – Dominique

Venue –

Car – Phil

Sweetie table – Eloise

Dress –

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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