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I thee wed – Ania & Richard


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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I thee wed – Ania & Richard

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Today we hand you over to photographer Karl Bratby to tell us a little bit about Ania & Richard’s fantastic wedding!


Ania Gabrielczyk and Richard Vernon set out to plan a unique wedding, to be an experience for the family and guests like no other wedding. Ania planned it all herself and did a lot of the designing and art work and I’m sure Richard helped a little. It wasn’t about a big expensive dress or an amazing stately home backdrop to their wedding, but things that meant something to them.




Ania being of Catholic Polish decent but born here in the UK wanted to have her ceremony at St Banrabas Nottingham cathedral and then a totally amazing reception at her parent’s property which is set in woodlands in the Newstead Abbey estate. It rained for almost a week before the big day and it really disrupted the setup of marquees and other parts of their reception, but after working through the night on the eve of their wedding, they managed to get it all ready just in the nick of time!




On the morning of the wedding Richard and the boys met up with me for some ‘boy shots’ around the city while Ania prepared at her parents’ home, (no prep shots today, too much stress the week before and she just wanted time to reflect and calm her nerves). First glimpse of the Morris minor and Ania looked amazing, classy, simple and understated, all the prep had come off and everything was on time.


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An amazing service, a mix of Polish and English in the service, two priests which was quite unique and quite an eye opener too on how different cultures have different traditions at weddings.


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Off to the reception in a clearing that had been made in the middle of the woods, such an amazing reception, again polish traditions were observed as well as the usual English ones, but these were done with a difference of course.


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Midnight was arriving, the bonfire was lit, and apart from that it was total darkness, the camera was tested to it’s limits in these lighting conditions, but this is why professional photographers spend so much money on high end kit, and probably why you should only trust a Pro to shoot your amazing wedding adventure.




Ania even submitted a testimonial on to Karl’s website………..

‘Karl, a massive thank you for all you have done for us, we were asked by a friend how we found you and looking back we haven’t the foggiest how it began. There was definitely a lot of Googling involved. And lots of websites and photos that looked exactly the same as those that had come before. We recall a fair old spell of frustration. Then we found iLife Photography and thought ‘Hang on, this is a bit different, a bit more us’. But we figured that you can’t pick a photographer just by gazing adoringly at a website (as pretty as yours is)…so we asked to meet you.’

Thanks to Karl for sharing this AMAZING wedding with us!




Photography by Karl Bratby

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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