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I thee Wed – Lauren & Peter


Issue 47: When Time Stood Still


I thee Wed – Lauren & Peter

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When a wedding lands in your inbox and you seem to lose half an hour just swooning, you know you just have to share it.

So, here it is folks – the gorgeous Kenyan wedding of Lauren & Peter, shot by the talented Oehlers Photography. Prepare for serious swooning ….

Firstly, where and when did you get married?

Peter and I got married on the 16thJuly  2011 in Mombasa, Kenya

What made you decide on your venue?

We got married at Peter’s parents house. Our service was at the end of the garden with a coral cliff dropping off down to the Indian ocean. We chose a date with a full moon and time to coincide with high tide so the waves were crashing up the cliff below us. We chose this venue due to its beautiful location and the fact that the end of the garden was where Peter and I had started going out 2 and a half years previously and where he proposed 6 months earlier as we watched a full moon rise up ‘out of the ocean horizon’. We had both the service and reception at the same place, which meant we did not have to plan the logistics of getting guests from one venue to another and it meant we could spend more time with our guests, which was very important to us.

Our amazing caterer lived next door and this also meant we were easily able to cater for the 150 people in attendance


What was it like choosing your dress and had you always had your heart set on that style?

My amazing dress was tailor made by our long term family friend Elaina Evans of Baroque in Draycott. I have always loved lace and the vintage appeal that the material provides. My father is from Nottingham and Mother from Derbyshire and so lace has always been a material I have associated with Nottingham and therefore I wanted to bring my bit of family roots into the dress. I helped design the dress with Elaina, who managed to engineer my difficult requests of having a low sloping back, whilst being strapless and not having strong boning in the bodice, as this would have been too hot with the temperatures in Mombasa. I came back to the UK twice, once for design and measuring and the second time for fitting. Elaina also came out to Mombasa the week before and was on hand to make any changes, but of course there were none! Elaina also did mine and all bridesmaids hair and make up.

My lace trimmed veil was my mother- in laws from her wedding day and complimented Elaina’s dress beautifully.


Talk us through the theme and decor of the wedding

The theme was loosely based around secret garden. With soft natural colours of the garden and sea complimented with plain white table settings with natural stone, drift wood and individually planted baby desert roses as table centres and favours for each guest to take home and plant to remember our special day.  We had touches of lace and pearls throughout.

We used milk pails and filled them with very softly coloured flowers and used garden foliage to fill them out. We then hung these from 1m high shepherd hooks that we made and placed them throughout the garden. These shepherd hooks also doubled up as wine bucket holders for each table later on during the reception. We decorated the pool and pond that are separated by a glass wall with floating candles.

We collected old jars and filled them with water and placed floating candles on the tables.

Bridesmaid dresses were natural and fresh as they were short and cool and they all wore flip flops that were made locally from leather with a matching flower that we chose as the theme (Bauhinia).



Anything quirky and creative we should know about your wedding?

Our wedding favours were a huge hit with the guests (as mentioned above) as this was a unique way to provide and beautiful and useful wedding take away! We added a little poem to the plants that said – “Plant this flower and watch it bloom, lots of love from your bride and groom”.

We had our own water bottles printed with a caricature of Peter and I and the wedding date on the bottle.

We had our seafood part to the dinner served in an old fisherman’s boat, which was again very natural and had a nautical theme to it.

We had an amazing photographer and her husband come out from the UK to do our photography. They understood our very brief brief (!) and improvised and advised as we went along, as we were not very conventional with our pre conceived ideas like most bride and grooms are about photography. We thoroughly recommend Cathy and Brian of Oehlers photography.

WOW. Doesn’t this wedding just make you smile? Oh to be basking in the Kenyan sunshine right now instead of heading off to do an outdoor photoshoot – in the snow.

Oh well, we can dream.

A huge thank you to Cathy at Oehlers Photography for submitting the images of this beautiful wedding.

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Issue 47: When Time Stood Still

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