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How to: Stay Friends and not upset the In-Laws ….


How to: Stay Friends and not upset the In-Laws ….

The amount of people getting engaged at the minute is pretty mammoth. It seems 2014 is the year to say ‘I do’ and we at Save the Date Magazine are so excited to see all of your big days come together.

Between myself and Abbi, we have a record number of friends excitedly planning their wedding and have recently noticed a trend in one particular subject/concern …… how do you keep everyone happy? Yes, it’s your day and of course you and your hubby to be are the most important people but it seems increasingly common that brides to be, instead of spending their time choosing their dress and picking their table centerpieces are in fact enduring sleepless nights worrying about not upsetting their friends and family ….

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From who to choose as your bridesmaids and who to invite on the hen weekend to arranging the table plan to accommodate the mother and step-mother and do you really have to invite Aunt Margret just because dad wants you to? There really is a whole host of risky decisions to make when planning the big day and keeping everyone happy is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge.




Each and every bride out there must remember that it’s YOUR day and nobody else’s so keeping everyone happy shouldn’t be keeping you awake at night. Of course, you don’t want to be falling out with the prospective in-laws because you’d rather arrive at the venue in a camper van than their treasured rolls royce and of course you don’t want to break up a friendship group because you handpick your most closest friends as your bridesmaids. But as long as you’re fair and have understanding people around you then you don’t have to worry.

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Considering other people is a must. There are always areas where you have to compromise slightly in order to ensure that people are happy (for example, seating arch enemies apart, allowing your 7 month pregnant bridesmaid to go for a slightly different dress cut, choosing to go to Edinburgh instead of Las Vegas for your hen weekend to ensure more people can afford to come, opting for chicken instead of beef for all those fussy eaters, finding a venue a little closer to home so that Granny can make it – the list goes on) But you are the VIP or VIB as the saying should go …. You are the person who has to be happy and comfortable with every decision and ultimately, you as the bride should have the freedom to be able to make any decision you like and not worry about offending anyone or upsetting someone. As long as you’re a considerate person, you’ll be absolutely fine and will have the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of with a guest book full of happy friends and family.


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