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How To Choose The Perfect Colour Palette For Your Wedding


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How To Choose The Perfect Colour Palette For Your Wedding

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Choosing your colour palette for your wedding isn’t always easy. There are a number of factors to take into account whilst deciding, which could effect what colours you end up having. For some brides it may be a case of having your three favourite colours but for others it takes careful planning to get it absolutely perfect.

But don’t worry… We at Save the Date have done the research for you! We have hunted high and low for the best tips the wedding industry has to offer on picking the perfect colours for your big day.

♥ What’s your favourite colour?

The best place to start is with your favourite colour. From there, do some research on what other colours complement it – whether it’s colours that harmonise or contrast. For example if your favourite colour is pastel pink, then metallics, whites and creams go well as a complete colour palette. Have a play around with different shades and tones to see what works well together.

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♥ Location, Location, Location

The venue itself can be a huge factor when deciding the colours of your wedding. If you have chosen to hold your wedding in a marquee then you can treat it as a blank canvas, which means you can go with any colour palette you want because there won’t be any clashes of colours or style with a marquee. However, if you have chosen a castle or old stately home you will find it will have it’s own interior style and colours – which you might want to take into account when choosing your colours. For your wedding to fit in seamlessly with your venue, choose the venue’s colours or that complement it.

kedelston_shoot_035Nic & Jim 245Kimmy&Rich Images by HBA Photography (46)

♥ What kind of atmosphere do you want?

This factor is quite important when considering the tones and shades of your colours. If you were to go for a rich and dramatic look then deep bold colours would be ideal. Jewel colours in particular, such as Ruby red or Emerald green give the feel of royalty. On the other hand if you were aiming for a relaxed, care-free wedding atmosphere you might want to focus on pastel and light colours to give a fresh and floaty feel.

Red Square Photography (94)SarahTom-2461 Lee GarlandRebecca & Dave's Wedding, Photography by Ed Godden (46)Rebecca & Dave's Wedding, Photography by Ed Godden (64)Rebecca & Dave's Wedding, Photography by Ed Godden (72)

♥ What’s the season?

Get inspiration from your surroundings. When we think about the seasons, different colour palettes spring to mind. When we think of winter we think of blues, whites, greys and silvers. When we think of autumn we think of oranges and browns. If you have already set a date, have a think about the season it will be in and what colours come to mind as these could be the basis of your colour palette. Alternatively if you don’t want to be too cliché with your colours matching the season, why not choose colours that go well with seasonally colours. For example, a deep aubergine purple would work well with autumn browns.

Olivia&Owen Images by Emma Cleveley (29)Emily+Josh-482

♥ Floral Inspiration

If you already know what flowers you will be having at your wedding, why not draw inspiration from the flowers themselves. For example if you are having sunflowers, then why not continue the sunshine yellow theme throughout your wedding and pair it with blue for a contrasting twist.

Esther&Tony005Charlie & Andy Wedding, Photograhy by Ed Gooden (2)Jack and Hannah's Wedding Images by Matt Horan (26)Beautifully-Botanical-at-The-Walled-Garden-461 - image by Lee Garland Wedding PhotographySarahTom-665 Image by Lee Garland

♥ Consult the Colour Wheel

To help you visualise all the colours available have a look at a colour wheel. A colour wheel allows you to see the way colours merge into each other and shows all the wonderful shades in-between. To find which colours are contrasting pick a colour on the wheel and find the colour that is directly opposite and that is a contrasting pair.

Found on watercolorjournal.wordpress com

♥ Ask your Husband-to-be

You could always ask your Husband-to-be! (perhaps as a last resort). He may have some ideas of what colour he wants his suit or tie to be. Which could form the basis of your colour palette. If he is adamant on a blue suit, find colours that work well with blue and take it from there!

Red Square Photography (87)Keythorpe Manor Shoot - Images by Sarah Salloti (100)

We hope we have pointed you in the right direction and that you find this helpful in finding your perfect colour palette.


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